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MAFS’ Domenica sets the record straight on glassing incident

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Olivia Frazer’s most recent remarks regarding the glassing incident on Married At First Sight have been addressed by Domenica Calarco. Since clashing on their MAFS season over the “nude photo controversy,” Domenica and Olivia have had a very public ongoing rivalry, and it appears that neither party is willing to back down.

In a recent Instagram live video, Olivia shockingly claimed Selin “told Dom that she should have stabbed me” during the now-famous glass-breaking event, adding that she “stormed out..screaming bloody murder.”

Domenica explained that Selin’s remark was misinterpreted in an interview with our sister site Woman’s Day, adding that Selin meant that Olivia was acting dramatically as if “she had been stabbed.”

This article does not imply that Selin approved of any violent behavior.

The moment didn’t air because “it was that horrible,” Olivia said before adding, “What the f—k is wrong with you; that’s demented.”

I wish they had, as perhaps that would have made others feel worse for me.

Domenica is now clarifying the “stabbing” remark in an exclusive interview with our sister site, Woman’s Day.

She acknowledged, “Yes, it did happen,” before adding that the remark was misinterpreted.

“I believe Selin said something to the effect of, well, you might as well have just stabbed her because I guess the torture of how she said it, it was like I’d stabbed her,” the author recalls.

“In the context of what it was, it was like, the way that she responded was as if I’d stabbed her.”

Although Domenica acknowledged that it was “an unsavoury thing to say for Selin,” she “had nothing to do with it personally.”

I was genuinely just sitting there.

Domenica added that Olivia had stormed out because she was “embarrassed and unhappy,” not because of Selin’s remarks.

Domenica and Olivia have been affected by the turmoil from season nine of MAFS, with both rekindling their enmity recently.
I had an issue with Dom being given special treatment by production, such (among other things) being permitted to have her social media accounts public and active during filming, Olivia recently stated. She made this accusation in response to a query on Instagram.
There is no such thing as favoritism, Domenica asserted in response to these allegations, telling Woman’s Day that “every single individual there still had their Instagram and Facebook passwords.”We only gave our social media accounts to them when the show was airing and they were posting on our behalf, she claims. “We were able to have our social media while it was on.” “I have no idea what she is discussing. I’m not sure if they deliberately removed hers.

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