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Next Week’s Coronation Street: Roy Receives CPR in Dramatic Scene

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Next week’s Coronation Street spoilers show that Roy is doing CPR in the café and later receives an enigmatic visitor at the hospital.

Maria has inquiries when she sees Sarah and Gary together at the police station.

Next week’s Coronation Street spoilers include all of this and more.

Carla defends Roy

Roy sets off out to deliver some homemade soup to Shona but is confronted by a group of yobs.

Carla rushes over to protect Roy as he collapses to the ground in agony. When Roy discovers later that Shona was never sick, he orders Shona and Evelyn to leave because of their interference.

After telling Nina what had happened, Shona notices an ambulance approaching from the corner. Fearful, the two dash into the café, where they are overcome with emotion by what they see…

Roy has an unexpected hospital visitor

Roy is on the ground receiving CPR from paramedics, which horrifies Nina and Shona. Roy’s consciousness wavers as a visitor shows up at the hospital to see him.

Then, his guest leaves before Roy fully awakens and informs Nina of his unexpected presence. After learning of Roy’s visit, Nina starts to worry for him.

She believes Roy might be having hallucinations. Is this, however, the case? Has anyone truly paid Roy a visit?

Maria and Gary get some unwanted news

After learning through a letter that Mason is about to be released from prison, Maria goes to the police station with some inquiries.

When she arrives and sees Gary and Sarah, she is confused. Sarah has been receiving bank statements from him. As Gary exits the interview room, Maria approaches him demanding clarification. Is Gary able to defend himself?

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