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Friday, July 19, 2024

Nic Cartwright and Jacqui Purvis reflect on their first year as Home and Away newcomers

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Everyone who visits Summer Bay appears to be hiding something. So it was double the bother – and a lot of joy – when two siblings came early this year.

Working on Home and Away with newcomers Nic Cartwright and Jacqui Purvis felt like all their Christmases had arrived at once!

“It has been non-stop and super challenging, in the best way,” Jacqui, who plays wild girl Felicity, gushes to TV WEEK. “I’ve loved every single day [on set]. I love that my character has no filter and says what she feels, usually, completely unapologetically, which I really admire.”

Nic has enjoyed playing local cop Cash, even if he has to double-check each week that his character is still alive in the screenplay.

“I’ve heard of the curse of the cops!” Nic, 33, says with a laugh. “I’m always checking the scripts closely to see what’s coming up. I’m not too worried, what could possibly go wrong? But it’s been great getting to know Cash and I’m excited for what’s ahead.”

It didn’t take long for the two to feel at ease at Summer Bay, as well as with each other and their co-stars.

“I love working with Sam [Frost, who plays Cash’s girlfriend Jasmine] and Jacqui. We all work together so much on the show and we all love a coffee and a laugh.”

Jacqui has made quick friends on set with Nic and Ethan Browne, who plays her character’s love interest Tane, as well as a new housemate!

“Matt Evans [who plays Theo] and I are having a blast being roommates. He is one of my favorite people in the whole world,” she says.

As the year draws to a close, Jacqui and Nic are looking forward to sharing their professional achievements with the people they care about. Nic, who served in the Australian Army as a rifleman for six years before turning to act, will soak up some delicious food and company wherever he can. Jacqui will return to Victoria.

“I’ll be going to my cousin’s farm for a big family reunion,” Jacqui says. “We will eat a lot of food and drink and talk a lot… it’s going to be magical. After that, it will just be a lot of beach days where I’ll surf, water ski, snorkel… then take a well-deserved rest!”

Nic, however, won’t be participating in all the Christmas traditions.

“I’m a grinch with Christmas carols. I’d rather put on music by Crowded House!” he says.

So, what’s in store for the dynamic duo once the tree comes down and the Summer Bay drama heats up? Only time will tell, but Jacqui and Nic guarantee it will be thrilling to watch.

“2022 is a massive year for cash. He’s set up in the bay now, he’s got family and a girlfriend and everything looks great. But anyone who knows the show knows you don’t stay that good for long…” Nic hints, with Jacqui adding that a new chapter is on the horizon.

“Times are changing… it’s exciting,” she says. “But as for buried family secrets, who knows. It could all change!”

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