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Sam Frost is PREGNANT! Home and Away star announces she is expecting first child with fiancé Jordie Hansen

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Sam Frost is expecting her first child. 

The former Home and Away star, 33, shared the good news in an Instagram post on Sunday. 

She posed alongside fiancé Jordie Hansen, 26, in the accompanying photo, while holding up an ultrasound image. 

Sam Frost is expecting her first child. The former Home and Away star, 33, shared the good news in an Instagram post on Sunday. She posed alongside fiancé Jordie Hansen, 26, in the accompanying photo, while holding up an ultrasound image. Both pictured 

“There is a tiny human on the way…” Everyone should pretend to be shocked when he unavoidably gets his parents’ quirky sense of humour, she stated in her caption.

We try to instil in our little one the same ideals we do by not taking ourselves or life too seriously.

The significance of being really you, how to always find humour and fun in the little things, and how kindness, love, and empathy are superpowers.

‘There is a tiny human coming soon… everyone act surprised when he inevitably inherits his parents odd sense of humour,’ she wrote in her caption

Thank you to all of our wonderful friends and family who have helped us during this difficult time; you are all great secret keepers, she continued.

Our tiny miracle has us overjoyed and appreciative. Your mum and dad already adore you so much, xxx.

After only five months of dating, Sam reported on her show that the couple got engaged.

 ‘We are extremely excited and grateful for our tiny miracle.. your mum and dad love you so much already,’ she added

In May, Jordie proposed to the stunning Bachelorette when they were travelling from the Northern Territory to South Australia.

We recently got engaged, so to celebrate we decided to hit the road and on a 14-day road trip,’ Sam said. “It’s a really crucial time in our life.”

Jordie continued, “We were at Uluru, we had just finished breakfast, and we were about to travel back down south.

Sam confirmed on her podcast the pair became engaged after just five months of dating. Jordie proposed to the Bachelorette beauty during a road trip to South Australia in May 

‘Sambo had just been delivered her coffee, and so I said, “Hey, when would you say yes to getting married?’

Sam chimed in: ‘I said, “Pretty much anytime from now.”

Jordie continued: ‘And so I took that as, “I’m going to do it this afternoon”.’

The Australian Survivor: Blood V Water actor described how he attempted to hurry his fiancée to Coober Pedy in time for the memorable moment.

After setting up the camera in what I believed to be the ideal position when we arrived, Sambo turned around and stated, “I know exactly what you’re going to do here.”

Sam claimed that up until she saw Jordie setting up a camera in the rear of the car with “tears in his eyes,” she “had no clue” what was about to happen.

The former Home and Away star chose not to get a diamond. Her opal ring is set in a gold band and appears to be flanked by two other precious stones

‘It was beautiful. He was really shaking and couldn’t sit down,’ she recalled.

Due to my anxiety, I can’t recall much of it. I was attempting to communicate while trying not to cry. I seem to have said something to the effect of, “We enjoy jokes, but this isn’t one of them, baby. It’s quite severe “Jordie continued.

When a picture of Sam wearing a ring on her wedding finger at a hens’ party went viral on social media earlier this year, there were speculations that she was engaged.

The former star of Home and Away also gave an explanation for their decision to forego a diamond.

She wears an opal ring with what looks to be two other valuable stones flanking it in a gold band setting.

It is a Coober Pedy opal, I believe. I’m not a big fan of diamonds. I’ve always enjoyed distinctive jewellery, and I love gemstones and crystals,” Sam added.

Sam additionally revealed the couple’s wedding will be ‘pretty unique and intimate’. ‘We haven’t started planning, but we know it’ll be pretty lowkey,’ she explained

The stunning blonde continued by describing the ring as “amazing” and asserting that it was unquestionably the best option for her.

Sam further disclosed that the wedding will be “very unique and personal.”

Although we haven’t started planning, she said, “we know it’ll be relatively lowkey.”

We simply want to share our love with a small group of our closest friends, probably in the spring or summer of next year.

The actress rose to fame on dating show The Bachelor in 2014 – the season Blake Garvey (left) chose her as his winner, only for him to dump her for Louise Pillidge. She went on to become the Bachelorette the following year, picking Sasha Mielczarek (right) as her winning suitor

The happy news comes after Sam moved back to Melbourne to live with Jordie in May.

‘We have taken the next step and it’s nice,’ she told the Herald Sun at the time. ‘I feel so happy. Being able to travel again is great.’

The actress rose to fame on dating show The Bachelor in 2014 – the season Blake Garvey chose her as his winner, only for him to dump her for Louise Pillidge. 

The reality star is no stranger to jumping into relationships after Jay Bruno (pictured) ‘couldn’t see a future’ with her and broke things off last November after a few months of dating

The following year, she went on to win the title of Bachelorette by selecting Sasha Mielczarek as her chosen suitor. Before ending their relationship, they dated for 18 months.

The reality star is no new to entering romances after Jay Bruno ended things with her last November after a few months of dating because he “couldn’t see a future” with her.

Prior to Jay, Sam was in a three-year relationship with naval diver Dave Bashford, which ended after Sam said she put her work before romance.

Her last relationship before Jay was with navy diver Dave Bashford (left) which ended after three years with Sam saying she prioritised her career over romance

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