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SHOCK CLAIM Phil Mitchell accused of child abuse after making big mistake in EastEnders

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PHIL Mitchell, who made a major error in EastEnders, is charged with child abuse.

The BBC soap opera’s Mitchell family is going through a difficult week after Billy’s father Stevie is charged with embezzling money from a talent show held in Lola Pearce’s honor.

At the café, Stevie tries to probe Billy’s son Will about his involvement – knowing he is being blackmailed for posting a photo online – and while the teen initially throws him off the scent, he eventually confesses all to his grandad.

Stevie counsels Will to confess and loses his temper when Will refuses.

In a moment of madness, Will knocks Stevie over and rushes off, leaving his grandad motionless on the floor.

Thankfully, Phil sees Will bolting out of the flat and goes in to find unconscious Stevie and calls the ambulance.

Phil confronts Will about what transpired as the Mitchell family rushes to the hospital.

The teenager leaves Phil to go find Kyle, the boy who is blackmailing Will, after the teen confesses everything.

Callum and Jay are later invited by Phil to watch football with him.

Everything is going smoothly until Kyle’s father, Kevin, shows up and charges Phil with frightening his kid.

What is Phil going to say or do next?

Teddy, Harry, and Barney Mitchell, three new faces who are searching for Stevie, arrive at the hospital, and that’s when it all starts.

When Teddy sees them together at the hospital, Stevie tells him a falsehood about Will’s identity, but the newcomer is suspicious and goes back to Albert Square to investigate.

Billy later receives a text from Elaine informing him that Will is in the bar with an unfamiliar man.

When Stevie reveals that Teddy is Billy’s brother, it appears as though a fight is about to break out as everyone rushes to The Vic.

Teddy is inquiring as to who sent his father to the hospital, while Billy is in shock over Stevie’s revelation.

Stevie has a lot of explaining to do regarding the secret family he just introduced, and tensions rise as accusations fly.

Billy is so overwhelmed that he bolts, leaving Teddy and Phil to face each other with swords. Stevie follows.

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