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Son hopes parents never see charred wreckage of home destroyed in horror heatwave fire

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The wildfire in Wennington is thought to have started in George and Edith’s garden compost heap and swiftly swept through the village in soaring temperatures on Tuesday

A man who lost his parents’ home to a wildfire that tore through Wennington hopes they never visit the ruins again.

Following an out-of-control compost fire that broke out during Tuesday’s record heat, at least nine homes were burned in the east London neighborhood.

George Allen was one of those who went back to Wennington to check if his parents’ house, George and Edith’s, could be saved in any way.

However, the property is now only two and a half walls and ruins, with a few burned-out cars parked next to the charred wreckage.

The fire that rushed through the town did not affect George and Edith’s home, but their son is certain that the two, who are in their 80s, would have had difficulty escaping.

George was eager to find anything to give back to the old couple despite the property’s total destruction.

I simply want to enter at this time. Just one thing, but there must be something there that I can give them back.

Although George called his parents’ response to losing their home “philosophical,” he maintains that they would be better off staying away.

“I sincerely hope not because I don’t want them to perceive it in this way. It’s best to hold onto the memories you have, don’t you think?” said he.

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