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Tammin Sursok reveals horrific conditions at trashed Airbnb rental – with her family fleeing in the night to a hotel from the ‘haunted’ property

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Tammin Sursok has detailed her horrific stay in a run-down Airbnb rental property.

After driving 17 hours from Queensland on a family road trip, the actress and her two children arrived at the Melbourne home in the dark to find it in shambles.

On Saturday, the 38-year-old posted a series of Instagram Stories depicting the filthy, ruined home.

‘We just arrived at our Airbnb, and it’s a total wreck.’ In a video clip, the Pretty Little Liars star added, “It’s nine o’clock at night.”

‘I’m terrified, and I don’t care for it.’ ‘It’s haunted,’ Phoenix said, as Tammin tried to calm her down by telling her, ‘You don’t have to be terrified.’ It isn’t haunted.’

Tammin went on to tell her admirers that this had ‘never happened before to her and that Airbnb had been ‘wonderful’ in the past.

Later, the former Home and Away star released a video from the hotel where the family had sought refuge during the night, explaining that she had received a full refund.

‘What a s**tshow,’ she said from her bed the next morning. ‘Airbnb refunded everything, which they should have. Thank goodness.’

‘I’ve never had that experience, I’ve never had to be refunded for a place I have stayed because normally everything is great. But it was a disaster. When you walked in, it’s stunk like black mold. So that ended,’ she added.

After some more troubles with an unfriendly renter, Tammin eventually found a new place to stay, complete with a bathtub for her children.

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Airbnb for comment.

Tammin, who was formerly stationed in Los Angeles, is currently in Australia for work, and instead of flying, she elected to drive from Queensland to her new role on the soap drama Neighbours.

Phoenix, eight, and Lennon, two, are her two daughters with her film producer husband Sean McEwen, 45.

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