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Tom’s Wales ‘exit’ plan could cost Belle her life, Emmerdale fans warn

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Fans of Emmerdale are concerned about Belle Dingle after her violent husband, Tom King, revealed his intention to move to Wales without telling her.

The audience is aware that Tom has been mistreating Belle in private. Right when Charity Dingle is starting to lose faith in him, it appears that his next move is to whisk her far from her loved ones.

Will Charity be able to recognize Tom’s malicious behavior or will Tom’s scheme fail?

Emmerdale: Tom secretly plans to move away

Emmerdale’s Monday, July 1 episode featured Charity expressing her worries about Belle’s relationship with Tom, which left Belle feeling unhappy. Inquiring as to whether her spouse was “keeping tabs” on her, she questioned Belle about him.

Belle became irate with Charity as a result, and she stormed away. Then, as Charity was trying to persuade her to open up outside the Woolpack, she started crying. But she quickly left after noticing Tom was moving toward them.

After a little while, Tom closed Charity down and went home to start making plans for his next step. He gave Belle an indication that he was intending to force her to leave the Dales with him when he set up an interview for a job located in a distant area of Wales.

Will Belle agree to accompany Tom out of the village?

Emmerdale fans fear for Belle amid Tom’s ‘exit’ plan

Fans of Emmerdale are worried that Belle might be seriously endangered by Tom’s intentions to leave the village. On social media, fans of the soap opera have been venting their annoyance at Tom starting to carry out his plan without telling Belle.

Oh my goodness, moving to Wales! That’s how Belle and Tom should be properly killed! “He’s moving to Wales and dragging Belle with him, oh for [bleep’s] sake,” said one user, while another commented.

A third Emmerdale fan commented, “Wales? I had assumed that Tom would keep Belle apart from her family when they got married, but it seems like he wants to keep her away from everyone.

“Tom is so domineering that he plans to move Belle away from her loved ones. A fourth individual said, “I hope Belle can realize what a monster he is and get away from him.”

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