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Where are cast of NCIS New Orleans now? Netflix fame, ditching showbiz and Hollywood

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NCIS New Orleans has been done and dusted with for more than three years but what has the cast been up to?
NCIS New Orleans was the first spin-off to be cancelled with its stars moving onto new projects.

CBS unexpectedly axed NCIS New Orleans back in 2021 after just seven seasons, bringing the story of Agent Dwayne Pride (played by Scott Bakula) and his close-knit team to a close.

CBS unexpectedly axed NCIS New Orleans back in 2021 after just seven seasons, bringing the story of Agent Dwayne Pride (played by Scott Bakula) and his close-knit team to a close.

With fans looking back at the police procedural franchise’s biggest shows that have been dropped, many are curious to know where the cast of NCIS New Orleans are now.

Where are the cast of NCIS New Orleans now?
Dwayne Pride – Scott Bakula
Veteran agent Dwayne Pride was at the heart of the NOLA team as the show’s equivalent to the mothership’s Agent Leroy Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon).

Quantum Leap legend Scott Bakula has been relatively quiet since the drama was brought to a close a few years ago.

He starred in a single episode of both What We Do In The Shadows and Unbroken and had a role in sci-fi thriller Divinity which came out last year.

But going by his IMDb page, Bakula hasn’t got anything else major in the pipeline just yet.

Christopher LaSalle – Lucas Black
Christopher LaSalle was unexpectedly murdered in the penultimate season of NCIS New Orleans, much to fans’ dismay.

The Alabama actor Lucas Black has since been in a few films, including F9: The Fast Saga, Legacy Peak and Unsung Hero.

Black also has a YouTube channel called Real Life Lucas Black where he documents his fishing adventures.

Loretta Wade – CCH Pounder

Loretta Wade, CCH Pounder Chief coroner and medical examiner Loretta Wade was a quirky, brilliant character who appeared in all seven series.

Actress CCH Pounder returned to the character of Mo’ in 2022’s Avatar: The Way Of Water after leaving her position on NCIS NOLA.

Since then, she co-starred with Claire Danes in the HBO Max drama Full Circle, and most recently, she appeared in Netflix’s 3 Body Problem.

Tammy Gregorio – Vanessa Ferlito 

Tammy Gregorio, Vanessa Ferlito Tammy Gregorio is a former FBI agent who became an NCIS agent. She joined the New Orleans team in season three and stayed with the show for the duration of its run.

Actress Vanessa Ferlito went on to appear in several episodes of the TV show Bookie. She also acted in the true crime thriller Griselda opposite Sofia Vergara of Modern Family.

Rob Kerkovich – Sebastian Lund
During his time with the police procedure, Loretta developed a strong relationship with Sebastian, the team’s forensic examiner.

Rob Kerkovich, an actor who hasn’t appeared on television since NCIS NOLA, played the character of him. In May, he said that he will be leading a six-week workshop on on-camera acting.

Patton Plame – Daryl Mitchell
Another veteran star of the police procedural was computer whizz Patton Plame, played by actor Daryl Mitchell.

Previously known for starring in 10 Things I Hate About You, Mitchell most recently was behind Wendell in Fear The Walking Dead.

Sonja Percy – Shalita Grant
Special Agent Sonja Percy joined in season one as a recurring character before being promoted to series regular in season two but made her exit in the fourth outing.

Actress Shalita Grant has gone on to star in a number of big shows like Santa Clarita Diet, You, Abbott Elementary, as well as the podcast series The Flash.

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