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All Creatures Great and Small’s James Herriot star rules out Helen Alderson storylineALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL actor Nicholas Ralph, who plays James Herriot in the hit drama, has opened up about his character’s future storyline with Helen Alderson.

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The third season of All Creatures Great and Small will premiere in September, and viewers can’t wait to watch how Rachel Shenton’s Helen Alderson and Nicholas Ralph’s James Herriot’s romance turn out. In a recent interview, the actor who plays the vet, however, entirely ruled out one plot line involving his on-screen companion.

When asked about his relationship with Helen and their engagement, Nicholas said, “It’s been a really slow burn romance. We’ve had this sort of very slow tentative type of coming in towards one another and reacquainting under these new circumstances.”

They even got engaged at the end of this season of the show.

“I’m getting a lot of questions, and I realize that social media is begging for answers.

our wedding on Christmas.

Of course Helen, you know, just had the wedding that never happened the previous Christmas.

The actor said, “There would be no way that she would want to be getting married the next Christmas, and that wouldn’t be of interest to James either,” ending the possibility of a Christmas wedding plot.

The James Herriot actor hinted to the couple’s future by saying: “I think we see them kind of closer than ever and stronger as a couple.”

Since they are so full of love, it’s wonderful, but as you pointed out, there are some practical considerations to make. “Where are they going to reside and what are their jobs going to be?”

In the Masterpiece Studio podcast, Nicholas continued by saying that viewers would see the pair in a “very good place.”

The actor’s revelation follows the appearance of photos from the set of Nicholas and Rachel.

As she stood in front of a red bus, actress Rachel could be seen giggling with her cast mates on the scene.

While they were filming one scene, Nicholas, who was dressed in brown pants and a dark gray suit jacket, was observed gazing tenderly into the eyes of his co-star.

After walking hand in hand, the couple kissed passionately. Nicholas also talked about the development of his character since the start of the first season. “Really matures into himself personally and professionally,” he said of the veterinarian. He starts to add a little more thickness to his vet coat. He seeks for the best practice so that he can assist both patients as effectively as possible, and as the new kid on the block, he is able to do so. The actor came to the conclusion that his character in the future series will indeed find his niche.

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