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Coronation Street fans are not happy about Tim’s racy storyline: ‘Just stop it!’

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Tim and Sally are having some problems in the bedroom — but Coronation Street viewers are not fans of Tim’s solution.

Fans of Coronation Street are not really pleased with the plot this week involving Tim and Sally Metcalfe.

The couple has been having issues in the bedroom for a while, so they’ve hired a sex therapist to try to find a solution.

The couple appeared to be making waves in Coronation Street earlier in the week with a steamy session in the hot tub, but the romance quickly fizzled out.

Tim decides to, ahem, take matters into his own hands and makes the impression that he is searching for pornographic content online. I’m doing this for you, darling, he says, pointing to a picture of himself and Sally.

Later, when he runs into Sally again, Tim seems buoyed and surprises her with a special meal at home, much to her joy. She comments to him, “Well, you certainly seem to have a spring in your step.

After which Tim responds, “To put it another way It won’t be long before we put that mattress to the test, in my opinion.”

It’s safe to say that Tim’s actions did not impress the fans at all, who expressed their disdain on Twitter.

One viewer said, “Can #Corrie just stop it with Sally & Tim’s sex life,” and another questioned, “Honestly, what has happened to this show?”

Others were lighter-hearted, with one making jokes “Don’t be duped by Tim. He like the sexy things, especially since he discovered Tyrone’s Only Fans.”

Fans of Coronation Street have already voiced their dislike of the show’s raunchy storylines. Additionally, viewers vented on Twitter about Fiz and Tyrone’s lewd conversation earlier this week.

After Fiz revealed her emotions for Tyrone and they spent the night together, the scene in question took place. However, Phill soon stopped them because he wanted to win Fiz back.

Tyrone left the area, but it was obvious when he later returned that they were set to complete their conversation. Tyrone responded when Fiz asked if they should return to it “Naturally, we can. I’m merely discussing a quickie.” Is there another kind? Fiz responded as the couple ascended the stairs.On ITV, Coronation Street airs hour-long episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8 p.m. For a complete schedule, consult our TV Guide. ITV Hub also offers catch-up access to episodes.

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