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Coronation Street law break, EastEnders travesty, Emmerdale kiss, Hollyoaks reunion

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This week’s episode of Coronation Street centers on a plan by Ryan Connor and Debbie Webster that drastically backfires and puts our Ryan in peril.

As Phil starts asking some serious questions over in EastEnders, Sam Mitchell has some explaining to do.

In the meantime, Hollyoaks hosts a surprise reunion, and Mary Goskirk makes a mistake in Emmerdale during a moment with Vanessa Woodfield.

Looks good, doesn’t it?

That’s just the cherry on top! Check out our Monday preview of the week’s most significant events for all of this and more.

Ryan arrested in Coronation Street

Debbie gives Ryan the go-ahead to arrange a break-in at the restaurant so she can file an insurance claim. He blows the electrics, then tells Debbie the money is hidden in his bedroom. Leanne is appalled to see that all the money has vanished afterwards. Ryan is to dial 911 as directed by Debbie.

Ryan, Nick, Debbie, and Leanne are questioned by Craig regarding the break-in. According to Ed, the CCTV has a backup circuit and was not impacted by the power outage. Later, when Leanne, Nick, Debbie, and Ronnie rewatch the video, they find Ryan to be the culprit. Ryan gets detained on theft-related charges.

Ben collapses in EastEnders

Ben turns to Tez for drugs, but Sam notices the exchange and cautions Ben to gather himself. Ben attempts to locate James during a party, but as he consumes more drugs, James sends him home. Ben calls Lexi and apologizes for being late for dinner, saying he’s on his way, but then he passes out.

In their haste to locate Ben, Kathy, Callum, and Jay discover him without a pulse, which confirms their worst suspicions. He is taken to the hospital by paramedics, but can they save him?

Suzy in trouble with the law in Emmerdale?

Suzy asks Callum if Leyla is still doing drugs after being startled to find him in the village. While this is going on, Matty observes from a distance, believing he has seen a drug transaction. Later, he searches Take A Vow covertly and discovers a sizable holdall filled with cocaine. He hides the drug-filled holdall in Suzy’s car with the intention of making her answer for her deeds. Later, he reports her to the police.

Romeo is intent on tracking down in James in Hollyoaks

When Zain discusses a real-life superhero known to his followers as “The King,” Romeo and Prince are immediately interested. This superhero helps missing individuals find their families, but finding him can be a bit of a challenge.

Romeo therefore asks Zain’s assistance in finding “The King” while they host their impromptu soup kitchen in the

hopes that this enigmatical legend will appear. Their strategy appears to have worked, as one of the attendees’ jackets reveals the trick and it appears that they have tracked down their target.

Surprise arrival in Coronation Street

Glenda shows there and promptly assumes control of the situation after spotting George dozing off in the back of the funeral car. George shows in while Glenda, Todd, and Sean are enjoying how smoothly the funeral went. He welcomes Glenda to Eileen and expresses how happy he is to see his sister.

Sam questioned in EastEnders

Sam is tense as Phil ignores her calls and she orders a guilty Zack to keep the drugs a secret from anybody. Sam cautions Jonah that the drug dealing must cease, but Phil quickly confronts her after admitting that he is well-versed on the matter.

Mary tries to kiss Vanessa in Emmerdale

When Mary confides in Vanessa about her sexuality, she misinterprets her kindness and moves in for a kiss.

Ethan faces the music in Hollyoaks?

Since she and Felix are still at odds and Pearl is concerned that Zoe is avoiding Sam, she has a lot on her plate. Later, she realizes how much Sam likes her after a run-in with Dave, but things quickly turn unpleasant when she notices a bank transaction that could be fresh evidence in Maya’s homicide probe.

Sally’s discovery in Coronation Street

Tim’s pornographic website browsing is found out by Sally. Tim is required by Sally to go the “Casino Night” by himself. He comes home to see a message from Sally informing him that she has prepared the spare bed for him.

Ravi rocks up in EastEnders

Ravi enters the Square and starts flirting with Stacey, which enrages her right away. Phil notices Ravi while he converses with Sharon and gets an inspiration.

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