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Coronation Street lines up more heartbreaking scenes for troubled Summer Spellman

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Issues surface during a night with Aaron.

More painful scenes for Summer Spellman during her ongoing problems will feature on Coronation Street.

Viewers will be aware that Summer has an eating disorder and has embraced the problem, but she is still fighting in private. In new scenes, an evening with Aaron, things will get challenging due to her fears.

The two spend the evening alone in the scenes, but when Aaron tries to make a move, Summer pulls him away and tells him to go.

She confesses that she truly likes Aaron when they later cross paths in Victoria Garden, but she can’t face the thought of his seeing her naked because of her fears.

How will Aaron respond to this?

Star Harriet Bibby mentioned how Summer’s family is worried about her earlier this year when discussing the plot.

She remarked, “She knows deep down that people just care for her and that’s really great, because she’s had people around her that do care about her. “However, on the surface, it seems like I’m just trying to pursue my personal goals. Just trying to study for my tests right now.

There is nothing wrong with that, either. And all I want to do is go out with my buddies. There is nothing improper about that. Additionally, I believe that being sick can make paying attention to it frustrating at times.

She doesn’t want to stand out or have her treated differently by others. Therefore, I believe there is some level of annoyance with folks stopping over to see how she is doing. Yes, it is done kindly. She finds it annoying, though, because she feels as though she isn’t being allowed to simply go about her daily business. In any case, I believe that is how she is feeling.

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