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Coronation Street newcomer Frank Bardsley resents Sean’s son in upcoming scenes

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Will his true colours show?

In upcoming Coronation Street scenes, Frank Bardsley will meet Sean Tully’s son for the first time, and it appears that this will quickly lead to resentment.

New love interest for Sean Frank has just recently arrived on the cobbles, but his hidden past and prior bullying of George Shuttleworth have already stirred up some controversy.

Dylan, Sean’s kid, returns to Weatherfield in the new scenes, but Frank waits to meet him for the first time.

He must, however, be introduced, and Frank stops by No. 11 as they initially meet. However, it becomes clear that the two have little in common as Todd observes Frank’s awkward demeanor.

Even though Frank is obviously upset about it, Sean insists that he join him later in the week to see Dylan play football.

He is obviously having a hard time. Will he eventually reveal his true self?

However, Frank must stop by No. 11 to introduce himself when they first meet. However, as Todd notices Frank’s uneasy manner, it becomes apparent that the two do not share much.

Frank is obviously disappointed about it, but Sean insists that he come watch Dylan play football with him later that week.

It is clear that he is struggling. Will he eventually come out and be himself?

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