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Coronation Street Spoilers: Stu’s criminal past exposed

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Stu’s criminal secret is about to be exposed. How will Yasmeen react?

According to recent Coronation Street teasers, Stu Carpenter’s criminal background is set to come to light.

Since the soap drama began dropping hints about Stu’s life before Weatherfield, fans have been left wondering about his dark past.
Bridget, Stu’s hidden adult daughter, has suddenly come to light. This week they talked about his background, and Bridget appeared frightened of him.
Bridget was located at her house, and Stu made an effort to speak with her there. However, Bridget’s lack of hospitality made the reunion less than pleasant.

What is Stu’s criminal secret?

Stu pleaded with Bridget to listen to him out while they spoke, bringing up an incident from 34 years prior.

Stu begged his daughter to pay attention and stated, “I didn’t hurt that girl, I promise you.

Finally unable to continue, Bridget shut the door on Stu.
Stu’s crime happened 34 years ago and involved an unidentified girl, but the specifics of the incident are still a mystery.

A visitor from the past

His troubled history, nevertheless, will return to haunt him at Weatherfield.
Stu is dismayed to discover that he is prominently featured in the Gazette’s article on his recent charitable work.
As a result, his ex-wife Lucy pays Speed Daal a visit. She demands that Stu stay away from Bridget in front of Yasmeen Nazir, his partner.
Lucy reveals a shocking secret from Stu’s past just before she departs. Yasmeen demands that he vacate the establishment.

She later runs into Lucy in Victoria Garden.
How does Lucy inform her?
What crime is Stu hiding?
Is Stu’s entire world about to crumble?

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