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Coronation Street spoilers: Suicide fears for hospitalised Audrey

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Audrey’s life has been hard lately because she felt alone and belittled by her family, who all thought she should embrace relaxation rather than spend her days getting wasted at the bar.

Aside from spending cash and consuming alcohol, Audrey will deceive Gail (Helen Worth) in tonight’s episode by telling her that she simply needs a good night’s sleep after a trying few weeks.

What Audrey forgets to mention to Gail is that she is calling from a hospital bed and that Becky, the hospital psychiatry liaison officer, is paying Audrey a visit as the new week gets underway.

What would Audrey respond when Becky gently questions her about why she took so many sleeping pills?

Later on that day, when Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) reveals that he saw Audrey at the hospital, Sarah (Tina O’Brien) becomes worried. but is there really a problem?

Did Audrey attempt suicide by taking the pills?

Do you know of another reason?

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