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Coronation Street star Mikey North addresses Gary getting away with Rana’s death

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Following Imran Habeeb’s (Charlie de Melo) passing on Coronation Street a few weeks ago, his mother Saira visited the sidewalks.

She was obviously upset, but her sorrow was compounded by the loss of her lone surviving child in the wake of Rana’s tragic passing.

Viewers are aware that Gary (Mikey North) was to blame for the Underworld roof collapse, which resulted in Rana’s demise.

Most of his neighbors are still unaware that he was responsible for tampering with the roof, and he has never been held accountable for his acts.
Imran was one individual who had strong suspicions about Gary’s participation; his death has eliminated any chance of the truth coming to light, meaning Gary has gotten away with murder.
Despite the fact that this incident is long behind us, Mikey North continued, Gary’s remorse resurfaced a few weeks ago.

When Gary meets Imran’s mother in some of the scenes, you can see his guilt. That demonstrates to the viewers that Gary is still guilty of that. Rana tragically died as a result of what he did; I believe it was just him trying to make some money to repay Rick.

“I suppose there are less people poking around that side of things now that Imran is out of the way.” I usually joke, “He’s like a cat, he’s got nine lives!”

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