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Coronation Street theory: Eileen Grimshaw leaves Weatherfield after George betrayal

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CORONATION STREET’S Eileen Grimshaw may say goodbye to the cobbles as a new theory suggests George Shuttleworth could betray their relationship.

Next week on Coronation Street, George Shuttleworth, played by Tony Maudsley, will experience a major shock when his sister Glenda, played by Jodie Prenger, arrives. Will her unexpected entrance, though, lead to a split between the funeral director and Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver)? If Glenda’s arrival causes heartache on the cobbles, the steadfast may decide she must depart Weatherfield.

Future ITV soap opera episodes will have Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) making an effort to win over his son Dylan.
He spends the day toiling hard in the kitchen preparing a roast only to receive a text message from Dylan informing him that he has gone out for pizza with his friends.
Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce), Eileen, and George are given the overcooked food by Sean, and they make an effort to make it taste good.
But after taking a mouthful of the meat, George discovers to his horror that he has fractured a tooth.
The funeral director assures Eileen that he will visit a dentist, but must first attend to Mr. Pugh’s funeral.

Troy comes up to George and starts chit-chatting.

George is aware that Troy represents the competition and wants to acquire his company.
George makes a frenzied attempt to take Troy’s notebook from him.
When Mrs. Pugh arrives, she is unimpressed with the performance as the two men collapse to the ground.
Todd is shocked to see a later offer from Rest East to buy the company for £400,000.

He confronts George, but is the funeral director really going to give in?

When George shows up for Mr. Pugh’s funeral, he admits to using some of Eileen’s powerful pills to get rid of his toothache.
Todd quickly realizes the medications are having a negative impact on his employer, though.
To keep George out of the path, Todd panics and shoos him into one of the funeral automobiles.

Mrs. Pugh lashes out at Todd as she realizes her husband’s funeral is not proceeding as planned.
Glenda, George’s sister, comes on the scene and notices George dozing off in the funeral car’s rear seat.
The funeral proceeds without a hitch after she promptly seizes control of the situation.
As the group celebrates how wonderfully the day went, Glenda is introduced to Todd and Sean.

Will they get along after he introduces her to Eileen?

Although their relationship hasn’t been easy, Glenda’s presence might be the tipping point.
Will their abrupt breakup be caused by her surprise arrival in Weatherfield?
It’s not yet obvious why Glenda has joined her brother on the cobblestones, but if the undertaker has pay attention to his sister, Eileen might feel deceived and pushed aside.
Eileen might want to leave Weatherfield and start over elsewhere if she suffers another heartbreak.

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