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Coronation Street theory: Triple exit as Abi, Jack and Alfie leave cobbles without Kevin

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CORONATION STREET favourite Abi Franklin seemed to be on the road to her happy-ever-after at the end of Friday’s episode of the ITV soap but a new theory by suggests she could be making a plan to bring all her family together.

After experiencing a relapse earlier this year on Coronation Street and giving birth to her baby, Alfie, Abi (played by Sally Carman), has been working on getting her life back on track. The mother of four was given custody after a protracted legal battle with the child’s father, Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo), and has been staying with Wendy Crozier (Roberta Kerr) for the past several weeks to make sure she is ready to resume her role as a parent. She might consider taking a vacation from the drama on the ITV soap opera and traveling to sunnier mountains without Kevin Webster, even though things seemed to work out with her moving back in with the Websters (Michael Le Vell).

As the newest installment of the weeknight serial drama began, the mother of four was thrilled to be returning to his home.

She was unaware, though, that Kevin had run into difficulties with the law after nearly crashing Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) automobile.
Kevin was concerned about whether things would work out with Abi moving back in after the charges against him were dropped because his son Jack Webster (Kyran Bowes) was feeling neglected.
Abi said to her husband, “I want to be here,” and he assured her, “Me and Jack want you here,” adding that his son would get over his concerns.Abi continued to be skeptical and said to her husband, “But what if he was saying what he thinks we want to hear?” just as Jack entered the room.

Jack gave his stepmother a letter that, due to punching another child, he was unable to read during his end-of-year presentation.

The kid had Abi read his remarks in the hopes that it would ease her concerns about returning home. Abi stated: “Moving on is difficult, but change is beneficial, even though we may not realize it.
“I could claim that I wish I had known my mother, who passed away when I was a baby, if I felt sorry for myself. I suppose I might argue that I regret contracting sepsis and losing a leg.
But if those things hadn’t occurred, everything would have been different, including myself, and I enjoy being me.

Jack’s letter stated that the man was no longer alone because he had married Abi, a witty and intelligent woman.

Even though Abi was choked up as she read the letter, she managed to continue by stating: “It’s not exactly been a happily-ever-after, but me, dad, and Abi are a family.

She closed the letter by saying, “And whatever life throws at us, we’ll be able to deal with it jointly as a family.”

Abi was asked by the child, “We are a family, aren’t we? “, after she had already sobbed over Jack’s support. Alfie, my brother, and we all together.
Kevin informed them that they were, and soon the family was making dinner and Abi was unloading her bags.

After going through a lot over the past few of years, it appears like the Webster family’s life is about to get much quieter. After losing her son Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni) last year and giving birth to another, Abi might consider traveling to Australia to visit her other children.

The mother of four experienced a brief reunion with her twins during the Christmas season when she was given a present by Seb who had passed away.

Alfie and Jack haven’t met their stepbrother and stepsister yet, while Kevin has had the chance to get to know his stepchildren.

Abi could thus recommend that they all go on a family vacation to visit her children before the summer break is up. Kevin might not be able to attend, which is unfortunate, as he would be working at the garage and attempting to get himself back on track after weeks of running himself into the ground.

Kevin could offer the group’s permission to go out because Jack and Alfie would be more than willing to do so.

This would also coincide with Sally, the actress who plays Abi, taking a sabbatical from the program after getting married to Joe Duttine, another cast member.

This storyline would work great if the actress had chosen to take a protracted hiatus from the show.Will the twins get along with Jack and how will they react when they learn they have a new sibling? Kevin’s actor Michael has expressed a desire for Kevin and his family to enjoy some downtime. After over 40 years on the show, Michael remarked, “It has been amazing to be at the center of the drama and to be working with such fantastic people.” But it would be lovely to see Abi, Kevin, Jack, and Alfie have the happiness they deserve and some breathing room in their mixed family.They genuinely love one another, and they are committed to making it work and finding happiness as a couple. But life will never be boring for them because of everything they have to deal with, he continued, so could there be more drama waiting for them when the trio gets back from Australia?

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