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Coronation Street theory: Yasmeen Nazir killed as Stu’s dangerous past uncovered

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CORONATION STREET favourite Yasmeen Nazir has been growing closer to Stu Carpenter in recent episodes, and as official spoilers confirm Yasmeen wants to take things further, an Express.co.uk theory explores why she might be in danger.

After learning that Stu (Bill Fellows) had been living on the streets, Yasmeen (played by Shelley King) took him under her wing and hired him to work at her restaurant months ago. He has shown to be a reliable employee and a friend to Yasmeen and other Weatherfield residents, but might he be keeping something sinister from them? Coronation Street viewers may have to worry about Yasmeen once more if it turns out that Stu is a violent killer.

Recent ITV soap opera episodes included a dissatisfied Stu who was angry that his estranged daughter didn’t want to get to know him.

Yasmeen will attempt to help her friend by interfering, according to official spoilers, but this might be a major error.

When Stu learns that Yasmeen has located Bridget’s address, he becomes enraged and scolds her for becoming involved in the situation in subsequent scenes.

But Stu agrees to attempt after Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) persuades him to try and get in touch with Bridget.

Fans of Corrie will witness Stu pleading with his daughter to listen to him as he tries to reassure her that he has never hurt anyone, but what exactly does he mean by this?

Later, Stu apologizes to Yasmeen for his outburst and tells the truth to her about Bridget.

What is he trying to hide when he claims that it was the wrong address?

While this is going on, Yasmeen ignores Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) advances because she is fixated on another cobbler.

She quickly lets Stu know that he is the one she is interested in, not Stephen.

Stu is thrilled to see Glen when he calls Speed Daal, an old acquaintance of his.

Glen tells Stu he’s starving but short on cash, and the waiter makes a subtle attempt to assist his old friend.

Yasmeen plays along while Stu inserts a £20 bill into the register from his pocket.

Later, she thanks Stu for being so considerate.

Yasmeen thinks it’s a great idea when Stu offers that they give away all the restaurant leftovers to those in need for a pittance.

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