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Coronation Street’s Hope Stape star poses with lookalike Emmerdale actress sister as they celebrate career announcement

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The ITV soap star siblings posed together for a snap posted by their proud dad

Both Isabelle Flanagan of Coronation Street and Amelia Flanagan of Emmerdale had reasons to celebrate this week. Following some excellent career news, the ITV soap star siblings posed for a photo that was shared by their pleased father.

Amelia is well known to viewers for playing April Windsor in the Dales, while Isabella portrays Hope Stape on the cobblestones. And while their father Chris expressed his pride in his daughters, the two could not be more alike.

Isabella, 11, grinned for the camera as she appeared to be interrupted from eating a bowl of fruit. Amelia, her older sister, who was wearing dark-rimmed spectacles and looked different from her ITV serial character, gave Isabella a tender look.She encircles her younger sister with a tender and guarding arm.

“Really delighted that the girls and so many of their friends and on-screen family are on the long list for the @InsideSoapMag awards,” their father Chris wrote on Twitter after sharing the photo. You may now cast your vote whether you’re on Team @itvcorrie or Team @emmerdale, he said.

Given that they are both up for Best Young Performer at the upcoming Inside Soap Awards, Isabella and Amelia will compete against one another. They are included in the group together with Jude Riordan, who plays Sam Blakeman in Corrie, and Sonny Kendall, who portrays Tommy Moon in EastEnders. Karen Blick, who portrays Lydia Dingle in the Leeds-based soap opera Amelia co-stars in, swiftly commented to Chris’ post to express her admiration for the girls, writing: “Yes I noticed! Well

both of you, you must be extremely proud! Fans quickly followed suit and expressed their support.

Wow, there is so much skill in one family, said @redandproud70. This time, Bella gets my vote because I think she does that role a little too well. I’ve voted for Amelia before. Good luck, ladies. @PaulphilipRobe1 replied: “Both worthy winners to be honest.” “I’ll be voting, nicely done girls,” tweeted @Ruby Actor.

Amelia, 14, started Emmerdale in 2014 and gained popularity among viewers right away. She even won three trophies at the Inside Soap Awards and The British Soap Awards in the course of one year. In Corrie, William portrays Joseph Brown, Hope’s cousin, and sister Isabella, who is also a twin.Additionally, viewers could actually perceive the similarities between William and his Emmerdale star sister when William was the main character on Corrie at the time.

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