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Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow bonds with old flame Wendy in new scenes

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Sparks are flying.

Ken Barlow is in for an interesting episode of Coronation Street when brand-new footage reveals him getting along with his ex-girlfriend Wendy.

Following her last appearance in 2012 as part of a plot involving Abi Webster—she is the foster mother of baby Alfie—Wendy recently made a comeback to the cobbles.

When Wendy tells Abi about her lengthy relationship with Ken, Abi pushes her to go meet with Ken in order to mend their relationship. Wendy’s homecoming isn’t well received by Tracy, so Abi even attempts to divert him so she can speak with him.

That doesn’t work out as planned, and Tracy is upset when she sees Wendy and Ken leaving the cafe together, leaving Ken in a difficult situation.

In subsequent scenes, Ken approaches Wendy and offers to make her a lasagne for dinner after inviting her over for coffee.
Ken then tells Wendy that he understands what it’s like to be lonely because he still misses his late wife Deirdre as they catch up. Fans may recall that Wendy also lost her spouse in 2006, making her a widow.
Could the two of them rekindle their spark?
The actress who portrays Wendy, Roberta Kerr, previously discussed her thoughts on making her first comeback to Coronation Street in ten years.

It’s wonderful, wonderful. Naturally, it has changed much since I last visited in 2012, when they had not yet relocated [to the new set]. It’s brand-new,” she declared.

Sally Carman, who plays Abi, was also lauded by the actress, who said: “She’s terrific and fantastic. Which is extremely wonderful, we share some buddies. We can also talk about the theatre company I’ve worked with that Sally has worked with. It’s wonderful how amiable she is. It’s a pretty tiny world, but I still recognize some of the previous cast members, plus I’ve met newcomers.

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