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‘Couldn’t bear it’ Tippi Hedren opens up on Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘obsession’ with her

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TIPPI HEDREN recalled the “difficult” period she endured after filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock became “obsessed” with her as she filmed one of his movies.

One of the most important figures in the history of cinema is frequently referred to be the “Master of Suspense.” Despite directing more than 50 full-length movies, Alfred Hitchcock was infamous for developing a crush on his starring actresses. In an interview that aired on BBC’s Talking Pictures, Tippi Hedren, who starred in the Hitchcock thrillers The Birds and Marnie, addressed the screenwriter’s “difficult” obsession and recalled how he tried to “control” her life. She said she eventually could “no longer bear it” and that she eventually reached a breaking point. The actress said in the 1999 interview that “Mr. Hitchcock worked with a lot of Hitchcocks.” He believed himself to be very simple, but in reality, he was incredibly complex.He was attempting to influence who I saw and other like stuff, you know? As a result, I had a very difficult time throughout that period.

“I guess he grew enamored with this character named Tippi Hedren,” the actress continued. He believed Tippi Hedren was something he invented. He would not look away from me.
She continued, before the actress even remembered Hitchcock’s wife approaching her to apologize on behalf of her husband. “He may [have] been] talking to somebody over here, but he was watching me all the time,” she said.

Mrs. Hitchcock frequently approached me and apologized, she said, adding: “I’m really sorry. I’m so sorry that you must go through this or that you are now doing so. She said, “So, you know, that was obvious to her.
Hitchcock’s infatuation with female actors led to some serious problems on the set of his movies.
According to Hedren, “Up until perhaps the last quarter of the production, everything sort of went fine throughout the filming of Marnie.”
It was a five-month shoot, and at some time I just couldn’t take the trying to control or the trying to be in control.

I finally told him that I couldn’t take it anymore since I hated it so much. I responded, “I need to get out,” since I was being forced to comply with demands that I couldn’t. And he informed me that I really couldn’t since I had to worry about my daughter and my parents. It doesn’t matter; I can’t continue living this way, I declared. And he actually threatened to ruin your career. He continued to employ me. For a few years, he gave me my meager pay each week. ” After Marnie, you know, I was hot, so by that point, everyone who did wanted to utilize me in movies.”And I just informed [them] that I wasn’t accessible. There was never any discussion of us cooperating once more. Just a very clear cutoff, and it was made by me.”

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