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‘Don’t tolerate disrespect’ EastEnders star Richard Blackwood opens up on soap ‘hierarchy’

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EASTENDERS star Richard Blackwood made a dig at the soap as he compared it to his current role in Hollyoaks and claimed the BBC soap had more of a “hierarchy.”

In an interview with Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, the former EastEnders actor, who portrayed Vincent Hubbard until 2018, discussed his job in Hollyoaks and how it differs from his time on EastEnders. Although he enjoyed his stint on the BBC soap opera, the 50-year-old noted that Hollyoaks has “less of a hierarchy.” He said to Tim and Simon, “The Hollyoaks staff… It’s simply a real family, really.”
“There are no hierarchies, no egos, and everyone wants to help everyone – it’s a beautiful attitude,” he concluded.
Isn’t that typical, though? Simon enquired. “Because I always think EastEnders must have been the same way,” the speaker said.

“I’m a person that, although it sounds horrible to say this, commands respect wherever I go,” he said.

“It’s true, I don’t put up with rudeness. So I behave a certain way wherever I work.

But EastEnders has a higher level of hierarchy than Hollyoaks does.

But everyone in EastEnders was kind to me, he swiftly added.

“They were a family, and I still see them; I just ran into them at the TRIC Awards.”

“Diane (Parish) and all of us were just hugging, everyone of us.

“Because you’re in this compound and you’re in there from early morning till late at night, whether it’s EastEnders or Hollyoaks.

You spend more time with them the following day than you do with your own family since you are back there.In EastEnders, Richard is most known for playing Vincent Hubbard.

In the BBC soap opera, his on-screen wife Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) initially thought he was missing before learning the truth in 2018. His character was murdered in 2018.

It was revealed that he would be joining Hollyoaks in 2020.

The actor has been nominated for a National Television Award and a TRIC Award for Serial Actor of the Year during his stint on the soap opera.

But Richard will shortly make another BBC appearance.

He discussed his involvement in the forthcoming season of Celebrity MasterChef earlier in Sunday Brunch.
Tim made light of his personal experience in the competition as he emphasized his excitement for the performance.
The presenter joked that John Torode and Gregg Wallace “don’t know what they’re talking about” while explaining why he hadn’t made it to the end.

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