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EastEnders fans praise BBC for last minute shake-up as punters celebrate England victory

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EastEnders viewers were delighted to see the residents of Albert Square celebrating the women’s victory at the Euro’s on Sunday after BBC bosses scrambled to film last-minute scene

Following the last-minute filming of a sequence featuring some of Walford’s regulars celebrating England’s success in the Euros on Sunday, viewers of EastEnders are praising BBC executives.

Just one day before tonight’s program aired, England’s women’s football team won a significant international competition for the first time in more than 50 years.

Show executives scrambled at the last minute to fit in an extra segment celebrating the victory at Queen Vic, leaving fans happy.

“Eastenders cast must have been working late last night #euros #WEURO2022 # EastEnders,” one admiring watcher gushed.

“That was the PERFECT way to celebrate the England Lionesses triumph,” a second chimed in. When they do it, I love it. #EastEnders”

A third person echoed: “They’re talking about the England game from last night on #EastEnders! Grats, BBC.

On Sunday, July 30, England defeated eight-time champions Germany to win their first major women’s championship.

Substitute In overtime, Chloe Kelly scored the game-winning goal.

This is England’s first-ever male or female European Championship victory, and it is the nation’s first significant sporting victory since the 1966 World Cup.

Given this most recent display of patriotism in The Queen Vic, tonight’s episode of EastEnders was no exception to the show’s practice of making passing allusions to current events.

As she discussed the historic event with her landlord Linda Carter and Lola Pearce, viewers saw Kim Fox raise a glass.

She cried, “Mate, it arrived home! Finally!”

Kim quickly debunked Linda’s claim that she hadn’t knew she was a football lover, telling the Carter matriarch that she is “there” in terms of “strong winning ladies.” Linda claimed that she hadn’t known Kim was a fan of football.

She said, “This has changed everything.” “The sport. all sports involve women. Pearl enjoyed watching it. I’m telling you, every single one of them is an inspiration. You can become anything you can see!

In order to accommodate the Euros, EastEnders has changed its weekly airtime schedule, with viewers now tuning into ITV2.

The program has previously accompanied the nation’s reaction to a significant football game.

After extra time and a heartbreaking penalty shootout, England and Italy locked at 1-1, shocking EastEnders viewers when characters discussed England’s heartbreaking loss in the Euro 2020 final.

“So much respect for EastEnders adding in scenes last minute that are pertinent to what’s happening in the world, amazing dedication,” said one fan. “Another added:

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