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EastEnders fans swoon over villain Ravi Gulati as they predict Stacey Slater romance

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Actor Aaron Thiara has joined BBC soap Eastenders as Ravi Gulati – with many fans taking to social media to comment on the “hot” new character following his arrival

After viewers gushed over the Albert Square villain on social media, EastEnders fans speculated that Stacey Slater would have an affair with “hot” newbie Ravi Gulati.
When Phil Mitchell’s prison cellmate, Ravi, was originally introduced to fans, EastEnders executives later revealed that the character will be a long-term addition to the soap opera.
However, Ravi’s good-looking appearance has since diverted viewers, and many have taken to social media to express their admiration for handsome new star Aaron Thiara.Una said: “He’s sexy. I figured I’d express the obvious,” and another said, “Wow lucky us! He is stunning.”

Can we just speak about Ravi’s arms, one viewer asked in response to another’s post of a close-up image of Ravi’s torso with the caption: “Can we just talk about Ravi’s arms?”

That Ravi lad though, followed by heart-eye emojis and a GIF of a person holding a placard that read “hot,” was the subject of a fifth comment.

Another user sent heart-eye emoticons and GIFs of individuals fanning themselves in response to the heat, while a sixth user said: “Ooft welcome newbie Ravi.”

“Nah, I just saw all this week’s shows,” a seventh person chimed in, “I’m too shocked to speak.”

But soon, mention about his handsome good looks gave way to speculation about a possible relationship between him and Stacey Slater.

Stacey, a resident of Albert Square who is presently dating Kheerat Panesar, was Ravi’s first acquaintance when he moved there.

While Stacey and Kheerat are currently in a committed relationship, a relationship with Ravi would not be the first time she had an affair with another Albert Square member.

One supporter remarked, “I admire Steerat, but I’m also here for a Stacey and Ravi affair.”

one more said: “I believe Stacey needs a little thrill. So I saw potential in Ravi and Stacey.”

Others, like a third commenter, were not as convinced “He is quite tasty. But I really hope he doesn’t date Stacey. To be honest, I like her best with Kheerat!”

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