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EastEnders hints at trouble for Honey and Jay ahead of tragic Lola story

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Honey and Jay hit a rough patch.

Later this year, Lola Pearce will experience a devastating finish on EastEnders when she is killed off following the discovery of an incurable brain tumor.

Before their final breakup in 2020, Lola dated Jay Brown on and off for a few years. Since the beginning of 2021, he has been dating Honey Mitchell.

However, by the time she receives her diagnosis, the couple is anticipated to be back together, therefore it appears that problems for Honey and Jay exist before Lola’s terrible tragedy. And now that we know what can possibly start things off,

Honey isn’t thrilled about Ben camped out on the couch next week, and she’s not afraid to tell him as much.

Ben makes more enemies after snapping and treating Honey badly in her own house. After admitting that Ben accidently slapped her, Kathy hands Jay a suitcase containing his belongings, implying that he won’t be returning to the family home anytime soon.

Later, Lola makes fun of Jay about Honey taking care of him, and he agrees to go to Peggy’s for a drink at her offer.

When Honey agrees to go with him, Jay is taken aback. However, when she passes out on the couch, he decides to go alone.

While Frankie and Lola continue to make fun of Jay about Honey, Jay enjoys a night out. However, when Jay gets home drunk and late, Honey is not than pleased with her boyfriend.
According to Digital Spy, the Lola plot will start airing later this year after being planned for a long time. The study procedure was closely coordinated by the producers and brain tumor charities.

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