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EastEnders Mitchell brothers off-screen – feud rumours to Steve McFadden revelation

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Ross Kemp and Steve McFadden became instant soap icons when they arrived on Albert Square in EastEnders in 1990, with the two becoming embroiled in ‘SharonGate’

Recently, EastEnders legend Ross Kemp appeared in the BBC soap after his character Grant Mitchell called his former flame Sharon Watts. Along with his on-screen brother Steve McFadden, who plays Phil Mitchell, the actor, who will age 58 today (July 21, 2022), gained prominence on EastEnders in 1990 as the tough-talking Grant. Phil was upset by Grant’s latest call, which is not surprising considering the two brothers have frequently argued on Albert Square over the years.

Off-screen, however, Ross has also made a number of revelations regarding his friendship with Steve in response to rumors that the two were at odds.

The Daily Star examines Ross and Steve’s friendship outside of EastEnders in this article.

Feud rumours

Grant and Phil Mitchell, played by Ross Kemp and Steve McFadden, frequently exchanged punches in Albert Square, especially during the “Sharongate” plotline.

When Sharon Watts’ affair with her brother-in-law Phil was made public in 1994, EastEnders viewers were on the edge of their seats.

It became one of the most famous episodes of the soap opera after being seen by more than 25 million people.

Fans have wondered since Ross left the serial 12 years later in 2006 whether the Mitchell sibling actors had gotten into an argument off-screen as well.

After the two actors frequently looked to be in separate rooms from one another at events and were hardly ever pictured together outside of Times Square, many fans started to wonder whether there was a real-life quarrel between the two performers.

Ross recently refuted these allegations, telling The Mirror that it was fantastic to work with Steve again and see Adam Woodyatt, Tish Letitia Dean, and other cast mates when he returned to EastEnders in 2016.In a shocking interview with The Sun, he did reveal the true reason why he dislikes sharing space with his on-screen sibling.

Surprising revelation

Ross admitted to The Sun in an interview that he dislikes being in the same room as Steve when they are not at Albert Square.

Even though there is no animosity between them and the celebrities get along well, Ross made an unexpected admission regarding the peculiar cause: fan selfies.

Ross complained to The Sun that “everyone always begs for ‘Phil and Grant’ photos,” and that he does not enjoy how the public responds to them being together in the same place.

‘Losing touch’ with Steve McFadden\

Ross has now stated that he has lost touch with on-screen brother Steve, despite the Mitchells appearing to be a close-knit family and there having been numerous on-screen reunions over the years.

He said, “Not really,” when asked if he routinely remained in touch with Steve.

You have to keep in mind that the Mitchells were our colleagues and that we were always in each other’s pockets; this isn’t your true family.

But he went on to say how much he admired the late, great Barbara Windsor, who portrayed his mother Peggy Mitchell in the soap opera and was most known for her slogan “Get out of my pub!”

Ross admitted, “I was really close to Barbara Windsor.”

I will always love her, and her husband Scott will always be a lifelong friend to me.

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