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EastEnders’ Peggy, Roxy and Ronnie return as Jaime Winstone joins BBC soap

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EastEnders bosses have revealed an upcoming special episode centred around the Mitchell family will see several iconic characters return including Peggy, Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell

For a special episode, a number of well-known EastEnders characters, including Peggy, Roxy, and Ronnie Mitchell, are expected to return.

It has been confirmed that the cast is presently shooting scenes for a special flashback episode of the Mitchell family-focused BBC One soap opera.

As Peggy Mitchell, Jaime Winstone—who previously played Dame Barbara Windsor in the BBC drama Babs—will head up the cast.

Regarding playing the famous character, Jaime stated: “It has been an honor to fill Peggy Mitchell’s and Barbara’s shoes for the first and second times, respectively.

“When you take on such a legendary job, there is unquestionably a decent amount of pressure, but I really enjoyed it.

As I got to portray Peggy Mitchell at the conclusion of my journey, playing this character has truly solidified my love and appreciation for Barbara. I hope I did her justice, and I have loved every minute of it. I can’t wait for everyone to see the episode.

When the Mitchell family’s complicated history is revealed, Peggy’s son Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is forced to face some long-forgotten realities, which sets off a turbulent journey for him.

Characters from the past of EastEnders who have never been on television will also appear in the episode, including Peggy’s husband Eric (George Russo), Billy Mitchell’s elder brother Charlie (Charlie Heptinstall), and Billy and Charlie’s father, Stephen (Dean Roberts).

Daniel Delaney as Phil, Teddy Jay as Grant, Henry Garrett as Archie, Rose Reynolds as Glenda, and George Greenland as Billy are more cast members.

The Mitchells are severely impacted by a Britain in economic turmoil in the winter of 1979, and viewers will be taken there.

Peggy has a lot on her plate trying to keep Sam, the boys, and the house in order while her marriage to Eric is deteriorating.

As their relationship becomes more tense, Phil and Eric are competing for the status of man of the house.

While Glenda tries her best to keep the vivacious Ronnie and Roxy out of mischief, Archie is elsewhere up to his usual shenanigans.

Audiences will travel back to Phil’s childhood to learn more about his past, which will definitely provide hints about his present as he struggles to deal with the mounting pressure from DCI Keeble.

How will prior revelations affect Phil’s capacity to defend his family in 2022?

“We’re happy to be welcoming an outstanding group of performers to set for this special flashback episode, featuring the beautiful Jaime Winstone as a young Peggy Mitchell,” said Chris Clenshaw, executive producer of the episode.

Focusing on the Mitchell family, viewers will go on an exhilarating voyage to the East End of London in 1979 where they will delve into the family’s background, meet characters from the show’s past who have never been on film before, and witness beloved and legendary characters.

Because disaster is never far away when The Mitchells are involved, there are twists, turns, and secrets uncovered.

This September, the episode will air.

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