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EastEnders spoilers: Drugs raid, violent attack, unexpected passion

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A violent brawl ensues as Ben (Max Bowden) abuses drugs to cope. Sam (Kim Medcalf) is worried as she continues to be out of her element, and when the police raid Peggy’s house in search of drugs, things only grow worse.

With Suki’s (Balvinder Sopal) children turning against her following the discovery regarding Jags’ death, the Panesars are not doing much better.

She finds comfort in Eve (Heather Peace), but will she ruin her own opportunity to have a friend?

Monday July 25

Ben is fascinated when he witnesses Tez, Jonah’s drug supplier, handing Sam a packet of narcotics at Peggy’s. Ben is surprised when Phil begins to interrogate him.

Ben shifts the conversation to Sam and tells Phil to be concerned about her, seemingly hinting that she is ruining the pub.

Phil interrogates Sam and demands to know what is happening, causing Sam to hide.

Ben approaches Tez and requests some drugs. Tommy discovers the cocaine while Tommy is being picked up from football by Ben. Ben is innocently teased about what it is, but Ben responds angrily by demanding the things back. Later, Tommy counsels Ben to stop using the narcotics, but will Ben take his advice? The Panesar kids decide to attend tomorrow’s grand opening of the new family doctor’s office.

Vinny is curious about Ash’s distressing phone call.

Suki is given encouragement by Eve, who also proposes that they meet at McClunky’s where they may connect over music. Suki invites Eve to her house and gives her a kiss after sensing a spark.

Honey is dismayed to see a hungover Jay entering the café and discussing plans to go out again tonight with Frankie and Lola. Later at Peggy’s, an inebriated Jay impersonates Lola’s lover in an effort to appease a man. Ash observes Lola and Jay leaving in unison.

Tuesday July 26

Eve arrives to support Suki at the opening of the Panesar’s new doctor’s office, but she is offended by her unanticipated aloof demeanor. Suki introduces Ash to a journalist as the opening is getting started, but both are taken aback when she drops a bombshell.

When Eve and Suki discuss last night in more detail, Eve is devastated to learn that Suki will always keep their relationship a secret.

Sam calls Ben’s bluff and earns his silence by bringing him on board as co-manager at Peggy’s after realizing she is in risk of being exposed by Ben for working with Tez.

When Zack finds out Rocky is trying to sell his old automobile, he begs him to hold off for 24 hours until he can come up with the money to purchase it back. Zack informs Chelsea that he would ask Sam for a pay advance, but both are taken aback when an obnoxious Ben appears and acts like the boss.

Elsewhere Without realizing Lexi had overheard, Lola and Jay laugh off Jay’s drunken antics of becoming her “boyfriend” last night.

Lily has an idea when she notices Kat is sad. Later, when she recommends that they should do something for Kat, Stacey comes up with the idea of a pre-wedding party.

The gift Phil gives Kat. Phil is questioned by Kat about the progress of his attempts to confront Keeble, but he admitsHe hasn’t had much success thus far.

Wednesday July 27

Zack asks for loans and explores other methods of raising the money for the car. It doesn’t work out, and when Ben enrages Zack, his disappointment turns to rage.

Zack reaches his breaking point when Ben makes fun of him and punches Ben in Peggy’s.

Jay and Honey are arguing, so Lexi informs Will that Jay is having an extramarital affair with Lola. Will tells Jada in a rage, and rumors start to circulate. When Jay surprises her with a spa getaway, Honey puts on a cheerful face, but Ash in The Vic tells her that Jay is having an extramarital affair with Lola. Billy enters and strikes a perplexed Jay as a humiliated Lola looks on. Stuart cautions Karen not to continue providing him post-natal health information elsewhere.

Karen told Callum about her despair. Ash extends an invitation to go out, but becomes upset when Eve friend-zones her and concludes incorrectly that Suki is turning Eve off.

When Lily and Stacey throw a pre-wedding celebration, Kat is moved. Kat tries on a dress upstairs as they try on the fake bridesmaid dresses Big Mo sent them, and Lily tells Stacey she has one more surprise. When Kat finds out what has transpired, she is indignant.

Thursday July 28

Following the altercation at Peggy’s, everyone is still in shock. Kat follows Zack out the door and gives him some advice. Sam is upset with Zack for assaulting Ben, but he stands by his actions because he thinks Ben has been trafficking drugs in Peggy’s. When the cops search Peggy’s, their focus is diverted elsewhere.

Ben contacts James while continuing to use drugs and alcohol.
Will Honey believe Lola and Jay when they explain the mistake to Billy, Will, and Honey?

Suki is unaware of Ranveer’s approaches at Walford East and is secretly observing Ash and Eve. Eve politely rejects Ash’s advances when she tries to kiss her. In another instance, Callum confronts Stuart in The Vic after Karen urges him to do so, but will Stuart pay attention?

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