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EastEnders spoilers: Jay cheats on Honey as he leaves her behind for Lola?

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We have been following their love story for a while, and now that Jay and Honey’s relationship is starting to unravel, the on-again, off-again couple are once again on each other’s radars (Emma Barton).

Jay has been having fun hanging out with Lola and Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis), but he is conscious that this may marginalize Honey a little.

He is therefore taken aback when she agrees to go out with them.

She ultimately passes out on the couch, which causes Lola and Frankie to make fun of their relationship by joking that Honey must take care of him.

After a wild night out, Jay comes home in worse shape than when he left, and Honey is not impressed, which leads to conflict between them.

But it’s obvious that Jay has enjoyed himself, thanks in large part to his lasting relationship with Lola.

Could she entice him into her arms without Honey’s knowledge?

Whatever transpires, it has been made clear that Lola will leave the program in terrible circumstances, so whatever that does succeed will be fleeting.

Jay will be devastated to lose Lola for real after learning that she would die from a brain tumor while he cares for her in her final days.An EastEnders insider said to Metro.co.uk about Lola’s departure: “Whenever a new boss comes in there’s always going to be significant changes and it’s no different with Chris.” Other names mentioned included Stuart, Peter, Dana, and Jada.

He has been putting a lot of effort into the background since January and is really aiming to change things up, which will involve saying goodbye to some people.

“It’s nothing personal to any of the cast leaving, it’s just a creative decision,” they explained. “That’s the nature of soap, you have to say goodbye people for great storylines to unfold.”

Chris has some extremely significant stories in store, and viewers can expect to start seeing his work during the summer.

He is really eager to restore the show to its original form and to rebuild the clans through some major, protracted, explosive stories. Being a part of the performance at this time is amazing. Will Jay and Lola have one more chance to fall in love before being torn apart for good?

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