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EastEnders spoilers: Jay is revealed as Lola’s boyfriend and everyone is livid

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We previously announced that Lola’s death from a brain tumor will be part of Danielle’s farewell narrative from the soap opera.

At the time, a source said of EastEnders: “Lola’s exit will have loyal fans in bits. EastEnders is anxious to make headlines and push watching statistics with dramatic plotlines.” It’ll be an obsessional watch.

Before Lola’s life is taken from her, Jay will tend to her as the plot progresses, but first their friendship will mend.

Coming up, Honey (Emma Barton) is upset to find a drunken Jay entering the café and making arrangements to leave with Lola and Frankie (Rose Ayling-Ellis).

A drunk Jay poses as Lola’s boyfriend at Peggy’s to get a sketchy guy off her back.

The following day, Lola and Jay laugh off her ‘boyfriend’s’ inebriated antics without realizing Lexi overheard them.

When Jay and Honey argue, Lexi informs Will (Freddie Phillips) that Jay is having an extramarital affair with Lola.

Soon after rumors began to circulate, Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) found Honey and informed her that Jay was having an extramarital affair with Lola.

What will she do, though?

Have the couple’s days together come to an end?

Or will there be anything else later?

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