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EastEnders storylines airing in August

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More gossip on what’s ahead for the Walford residents.

It’s time for an exciting recap of all the top EastEnders storylines airing this August as we enter a new month.

You won’t want to miss a moment in the upcoming week with Suki’s story changing the game, a few surprise returns, grim retribution plots for some, and trips outside of Walford for others.

Here are seven significant events we may anticipate for the remainder of the summer:

1. Stacey’s awkward holiday

Next month, viewers will be able to accompany Stacey, Kheerat, and Martin as they leave Walford to have a last-minute vacation.

The unusual trio will be inconveniently pushed together for the journey, which, as you can expect, will be full of shocks.

On the beach trip, Stacey will first find herself in a dilemma because she is stuck choosing between Martin and Kheerat. But she will soon face more difficult challenges.

2. Jean’s return

That’s true, Jean will return the following month, and she might not be by herself.
After finally receiving assistance for her mental health relapse, Jean has been absent from the screen for the past few months.
Lily will stand up for Jean as well as Stacey, who is attempting to get back in touch with her mother after a period of separation. However, is Jean actually prepared to go back to Walford?

3. Suki’s huge new story

Suki has been having issues for a while, but in the beginning of August, she will face her biggest crisis to date, which will change her life forever.

Suki will first receive assistance from an unexpected source, but her attempts to take charge of the issue end up having serious and completely unanticipated repercussions.

The stakes are clearly bigger than ever, and Suki worries that her life may never be the same again in the aftermath. But will Kheerat understand what is happening?

4. Phil’s revenge

In this week’s episode, Ben’s shocking breakdown will set off a series of dark events as his father Phil is offered the chance to exact revenge on his behalf.

Lewis hasn’t appeared on screen since he was made to quit his job and Walford for raping Ben earlier this summer, but he’ll be back in the coming weeks and will have to deal with Phil’s fury.

A vindictive Phil has been seen in recent paparazzi photos seeking for Lewis, and he might not be the only one doing so.

5. Bobby’s new dilemma

In August, keep an eye on Bobby as well because he has some fresh difficulties to overcome.
First, in the wake of Peter’s sudden departure, a distraught Kathy is compelled to inform Bobby of some distressing news.
Bobby is also thinking about the state of his on-off relationship with his ex-girlfriend Dana. That’s not all.
Rocky is eager to support the young couple and gives Dana and Bobby some advice, but what lies ahead for them?

6. Stuart’s story revisited

As Karen and Callum work to find Stuart the assistance he requires, the narrative of Stuart will be continued during the following month.
Stuart is battling postpartum depression, which played a role in the dissolution of his marriage to Rainie in June.
When we see Stuart in August, he is still very much in a bad place, and Karen is determined to support him.
What does Stuart’s future hold as Ricky Champ’s departure draws nearer as well?

7. Avery’s funeral

Later in the summer, when Avery is laid to rest, the Taylor family will experience some more difficult moments.
Shortly after reaching a truce with Mitch, Avery passed away last month in terrible circumstances.
When it became clear that Avery had no money when he passed away, the family was suddenly presented with a new challenge.
Fortunately, the Taylors can give Avery the proper send-off, but will they be able to support one another throughout the day?

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