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EastEnders theory: Fresh heartbreak for Slaters as Mo returns with devastating news

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EASTENDERS’ newest couple Stacey Slater and Kheerat Panesar may not have been together for long, but they’ve already faced their fair share of drama. An theory explores how the couple’s upcoming holiday could see the Slater family faced with more heartbreaking news.

When Mo Harris (played by Laila Morse) decided to leave The Square in June 2021, she was last seen saying farewell to the Slaters. However, in subsequent episodes of the BBC soap opera, she will be reunited with her family. The reappearance of both Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) and Mo will occur during a holiday featuring Stacey (Lacey Turner), Kheerat (Jaz Deol), and Martin Fowler (James Bye). However, is the latter the one with terrible news? Awkward circumstances are presented to Stacey in upcoming soap opera episodes.

She tells Martin that they have until that day to use a vacation at a campground they reserved before the pandemic.

Stacey is busy packing when Kheerat and Martin both show up prepared to leave after having changed their minds.

As Kheerat and Martin are at each other’s throats and are engaged in a game to determine who gets to pick dinner, Stacey’s holiday is off to a bumpy start.
When Kheerat loses, he throws a fit, and Stacey confronts him about it.
He makes it clear that he feels he is too skilled for a campground.
He eventually reveals a different side to Stacey, and when they reconcile, they go out to dinner. There, they are shocked to discover that Jean is the waitress.

When Suki Panesar’s (Balvinder Sopal) frantic voicemail is heard, Kheerat hurries off after persuading Jean to speak with Stacey.
Stacey meets with Jean for a conversation but discovers a second surprise: Mo is there.
Stacey queries Jean about why she isn’t remaining with her pals as she had previously told her during the group’s drink and catch-up session.
She invites Jean to come home, but it soon becomes clear that Jean is concerned that she is the subject of rumors.

The fan favorite from Walford still feels bad about how she behaved throughout her bipolar episode.

Jean, feeling humiliated, adamantly maintains that she can never return there.

Stacey carries on with her objective to bring Jean home despite Lily Slater’s (Lillia Turner) interruption and emotional interjection.

Martin says some heartfelt things as Stacey and Jean later sit down to talk with Lily, but will it be enough to persuade Jean to return home?

The three of them will probably be able to persuade Jean to travel back to Walford with them.

But what has been going on with Mo prior to her unexpected entrance back into the fight?

She probably sought Jean down for a reason, but it’s possible that she hasn’t yet revealed what that reason is.

Mo might have been concentrating on assisting Jean in reintegrating into life outside of the hospital, but she might have important news.

Could Mo, a beloved character from EastEnders, be dying? She departed with the hope of beginning a new life with her fiance, whom she only calls Fat Elvis (Shenton Dixon).

For her to have gone back to London and maybe returned to Walford, something significant must have derailed her intentions.

It’s possible that Mo wants to be with her family after learning she has a fatal illness and has been diagnosed.

The humorous character debuted on the soap opera in 2000, and after departing for a while in 2016, she returned to Walford in 2018.

She appeared to have permanently left last year after finally getting engaged to Fat Elvis.

She may have terrible news for the Slaters, though, given that she has returned to the soap opera.

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