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EastEnders theory: Phil Mitchell sends Ben Mitchell to prison in police informant twist

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EASTENDERS’ Mitchell family always seem to have drama follow them wherever they go and can’t help but be the centre of attention. In a new theory from Express.co.uk, their walls come crashing down as Phil could end up sending his own son to prison.

Sam, played by Kim Medcalf, came back to Walford with the goal of overthrowing the Mitchell dynasty. After serving time in jail, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) also unexpectedly made his way back to the Square. Residents of EastEnders were shocked by their homecoming, but neither of them was aware of the evil schemes they each had cooking. In upcoming scenes, Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), who is still dealing with the events of his encounter with Lewis Butler (Aiden O’Callaghan), takes a dark turn toward drugs and alcohol and becomes involved with Sam’s cunning schemes. However, Phil might be prepared to put his own kid in jail once his participation with the police is made public.The Mitchell family of EASTENDERS constantly seems to be involved in drama and is always the center of attention. According to a fresh notion from Express.co.uk, their defenses crumble because Phil might wind up locking up his own son.

official reveals spoilers Ben is curious when he sees Tez giving Sam packages of narcotics from Jonah Tyler’s (Mark Mooney) drug dealer.

Ben is quickly, however, taken aback when Phil begins to interrogate him about his whereabouts and behavior surrounding Peggy’s.

In an effort to conceal his identity, Ben directs Phil’s attention to Sam and suggests that she is endangering the bar and needs to be watched.With this knowledge, Phil confronts Sam and asks her about their mother’s bar, but she makes excuses for herself.

Before picking up Tommy Moon (Sonny Kendall) after football, Ben spots Tez wandering around the Square and asks for more drugs.

After noticing the narcotics in his luggage, Tommy teases Ben about their purpose and owner before getting a violent response from Ben.

Tommy urges Ben to stop using drugs since he knows how much difficulty he could cause himself, but will Ben take his advice?

Later, Sam realizes that cooperating with Tez puts her in danger of being exposed by Ben and calls his bluff.

She persuades him to let Ben join Peggy’s as a co-manager in exchange for his silence, giving him the freedom to abuse his position of power.

When Zack Hudson (James Farrar) finds out that Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) is trying to sell his old car, he begs Rocky to hold off on selling it for a day so that he can find the money to purchase it back.

Zack informs Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abraham) that he would ask Sam for a pay advance, but both are taken aback when a haughty Ben shows up and acts like the boss.

He phones about loans and tries various methods, but it turns out to be more difficult than he anticipated.

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