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Emmerdale airs pregnancy revelation for young character

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Shocking news is delivered.

Amelia Spencer’s recent health difficulties are related to her pregnancy, according to Emmerdale.

Amelia has had a worrying week since throughout their covert visits to the prison, their relationship only deepened.

The teen’s health issues persisted, but she nonetheless consented to watch Gabby’s children in Thursday’s (July 21) double feature on ITV.

Amelia used this chance to steal another Gabby-designed prison visitation slip. But as young Lucas was misbehaving and ended up dropping baby Thomas, mom began to feel faint again.

Amelia was forced to concoct a falsehood about Thomas falling from his high chair when Harriet arrived at Home Farm just as she was turning back.

Amelia felt worse and worse as time went by as she waited for news on Thomas while Harriet hurried the infant to the hospital for evaluation.

When Lucas acknowledged he was shouting, everything pressed in on Amelia, leading her to tumble with Thomas. Then, in response to a flurry of irate inquiries on how the child was wounded, Kim lashed out at Amelia.Amelia finally acknowledged the real source of her recent health issues: a negative side effect of the questionable weight gain syrup she’d purchased online.

Amelia consented to have testing to see whether the syrup had caused any significant harm to her body at her father Dan’s persuasion.

Even though her blood tests came back fine, the nurses had other news to share with the girl, so she wasn’t ready for the findings of these tests.

“Something on your urine test was flagged. Do you know that you are expecting?” Amelia was questioned.

To cap off the double bill, that bombshell hung in the air.

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