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Emmerdale confirms Marlon Dingle and Rhona Goskirk’s touching wedding outcome

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The couple are tying the knot next week.

Marlon Dingle will walk down the aisle for his wedding the following week, according to Emmerdale, which represents a significant breakthrough in his ongoing recuperation.

The fan favorite has been putting a lot of effort into her physiotherapy treatments in order to accomplish this goal at the ceremony since she had a stroke in March.
The ITV soap opera has unveiled new images that capture the exact moment Marlon exits his wheelchair and enters the village church.

Rhona is clearly moved as Marlon approaches her and she can tell how much this means to him.

All of this comes after hours of uncertainty on whether the event would even take place.
On the night before the wedding, Marlon collapses on the floor while having a bachelor party when his legs give way abruptly.
Paddy Dingle, Marlon’s best friend, insisted on bringing him to the hospital to be examined. Marlon consents, but only if Rhona is kept in the dark.
Marlon worries that his wedding is in jeopardy if he has to spend the night in the hospital. He is informed that his blood pressure is too high for him to be released even the following morning.

At yesterday’s Emmerdale press conference, Zoe Henry and Mark Charnock, who play Rhona and Marlon, discussed the impending scenes (August 1).

We had emotional times while filming the show, Zoe admitted to Digital Spy and other media. Our mutual favorite author, Caroline Mitchell, wrote the script.

Because of Caroline’s expressive writing style, our emotions “came out of us very effortlessly.”

The mood on set was extremely heated, Mark continued. There are numerous tales going on in this episode, which is typical of Caroline’s intensely written scripts. I found the script to be incredibly emotional from beginning to end as I read it.

The show also contains spectacular sequences surrounding the Faith tale. Great scenes can also be found.

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