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Emmerdale confirms Noah Dingle’s release after stalking storyline

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He’s back in the village.

The release of Noah Dingle from jail the following week has been officially announced by Emmerdale.

Noah was given a three-month prison sentence in June for stalking Chloe Harris, but he is now being released early for good behavior.

Amelia Spencer will keep trying to sneak a peek at Noah at the prison in the episodes that air the following week.

Kim Tate foils Amelia’s attempt to steal the most recent visiting order delivered to Gabby Thomas at Home Farm.

Soon later, Amelia’s father Dan is informed by Kim and Gabby about the disturbed teen’s covert visits to Noah.

Charity, Noah’s mother, is similarly perplexed when she learns what’s happening and asks Amelia for further information.

Amelia informs Charity that Noah will be freed in a few days, which is also brand-new information.

Soon after arriving home, Noah steadfastly avoids his mother.

Being unable to forgive Charity for reporting him to the authorities and providing them with evidence of his stalking, Noah continues to hold Charity responsible for his time in prison.

Speaking in June, before the sentencing episode aired, Charity’s actress Emma Atkins hinted at the possibility of a long-term conflict between the two characters.

She remarked at the time: “I believe it would result in a permanent break of their relationship if the verdict is jail. What has been broken would be difficult to fix.

“I believe Noah is beginning to realize how mistaken he has been. Although this little boy’s sensitivity is apparent, he must accept responsibility for his conduct because what he did was wholly inappropriate.

“I think the public will find it incredibly fascinating to watch how their relationship has broken down. I’m hoping the story has a happy conclusion.

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