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Emmerdale fans thrilled to spot Coronation Street star make shock appearance

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Eagle-eyed Emmerdale viewers were quick to point out a familiar face in the soap world that showed up unexpectedly in the Dales.

Viewers of Emmerdale went wild during Tuesday’s (12 July) episode as they unexpectedly recognized a familiar face in the Dales.

Since Terry has previously worked on Coronation Street, astute viewers have noted, he is not a novice to the soap opera industry.

In an unexpected return to Emmerdale recently, Sandra Flaherty (Joanne Mitchell) pleaded for help from her shocked daughter Liv (Isobel Steele) and son-in-law Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) to overcome her alcoholism.
Sandra was compelled to tell them that she owed a man named Terry £4,000 as a result of her odd behavior.

Terry, a gangster, broke into their house during Tuesday’s program and demanded the money.

The family was relieved to get him off their backs after a horrified Liv was forced to pay him off with her own money.

When it was discovered that Sandra and Terry were actually collaborating to take money from Sandra’s own daughter towards the end of the episode, Sandra’s twisted motivations became clear.

Before Sandra surprisingly declared: “If this goes according to plan, I’ll rinse that chick for everything she’s got,” the couple divided the cash among themselves.

As these moments played out, viewers immediately recognized Neil Bell as a Coronation Street actor.

Over the years, Neil has portrayed a variety of roles on the cobbles, including two different characters in 2001 and 2008. Before making a second appearance in 2020 as Todd Grimshaw’s (Gareth Pierce) ex-boyfriend Mick Chaney and then three years later in 2011 as Billy Matheson.

Mick arrived in Weatherfield when Todd owed him money, much like Terry did in Emmerdale.

He went over and threatened the family with a revolver after learning that Todd’s mother Eileen (Sue Cleaver) had attempted to fake Todd’s death.

Mikey North’s portrayal of Gary Windass saved the day by knocking Mick unconscious, although Mick later returned to get revenge on Gary.

In the end, Mick consented to give Todd some space, and in 2021, he made his last public appearance.

Fans revealed where they had previously seen him on social media.

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