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Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle takes action after becoming suspicious of Sandra Flaherty

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Sandra, Liv’s mother, is seen negatively by the salon owner, who is portrayed by Lisa Riley in the ITV soap opera.

She has been the focus of Sandra’s attention ever since she joined the community earlier this month. Sandra is an alcoholic.

Mandy volunteered to watch her and get her a job at PampaManda.

Mandy discovers that there are some issues at the salon in upcoming episodes of the show.

She informed Liv that the tip jar’s contents have been disappearing.

But she makes sure Mandy is aware that his money goes directly into the jar after Rishi Sharma stops by the salon.

She’s still not persuaded, though.

The businesswoman makes the decision to act independently and installs her own CCTV to catch the offender in the act.

Sandra is also actively using a dating app to court Rishi in the meantime.

The con artist agrees to meet him for a drink at the Woolpack while posing as another woman.

The woman on the app, however, stands up to the former owner of a candy business, and by coincidence, Sandra enters to rescue the day.

The two get along great and decide to spend the rest of the evening at Rishi’s.

She is able to convince him to give her some money as payment for her efforts the following day, leaving him feeling extremely bad about his behavior.

When Sandra discovers that Mandy has hidden cameras inside the salon, she is quickly pulled back to reality.

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