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Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Leyla exposed as she’s caught taking cocaine

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Will David tell Liam the truth?

Tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers are revealed (Tuesday, July 19 2022) Leyla is caught by David as she prepares to do a cocaine line.

Is Leyla able to persuade him to keep it a secret or will he inform Liam?

Leyla begins to feel remorse for her coke-fueled kindness in volunteering to cover Jacob’s housing costs.

Later in the Take A Vow office, Kim and Vanessa show up and question Leyla nonstop as she fumbles.

Kim eventually loses patience and fires Leyla as her wedding planner.

David arrives shortly after and is shocked when he sees Leyla preparing to do a cocaine line.

David is obviously not impressed as Leyla tries to explain how she can get out of it.

She becomes terrified, though, when David decides to ask Liam to get her the assistance she requires.

Leyla begs her husband to keep Liam from learning about her drug use since she is desperate for him to remain unaware.

How will David respond?

Dan quizzes Amelia

Amelia recently visited Noah Dingle in jail. Because to his harassment and stalking of his ex-girlfriend Chloe Harris, Noah is currently incarcerated.

Noah tried to make Chloe jealous before going to prison by using Amelia, but when his plan failed, he cursed at her.

During Amelia’s visit, Noah expressed regret for his prior actions.

Following that, Amelia told Lydia she was interested in someone, but she didn’t say it was Noah.

Lydia tells Dan tonight that Amelia has been dating someone.

Amelia is horrified when Dan starts questioning her about her romantic life.

Will he learn that she visited Noah?

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