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Emmerdale star Daisy Campbell responds to Amelia’s pregnancy story

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“This is such a gritty and important storyline.”

Amelia Spencer recently learned she was pregnant in Emmerdale, and it appears that she will have to make some difficult decisions in the future.

With both Noah and Samson Dingle on viewers’ radars, the 15-year-old, played by Daisy Campbell, is now at the center of a “who’s the daddy” plot.

In an interview with The Mirror, Daisy discussed the teen pregnancy narrative and gave an explanation of why she was thrilled to have such a substantial plot to work with.

“Teen mothers do a fantastic job, and I truly want to honor them all with this. This is such a grim and significant plot, “She spoke.

“I wouldn’t want to become a teen mother right now. Amelia, who is only 15, initially thinks it is absurd that she is pregnant. She is still quite young. She still attends school, and it is a complete nightmare for her.”

There are options available in the UK for women who find out they are pregnant, so there is still a potential that Amelia will decide against carrying the child to term.

“She believes that she is too young to have children and won’t be able to support them. Whether she has an abortion or not, I don’t want to give anything away today, but she’s going to have a rough few months “said Daisy.

Daisy said in the same interview that, like many of her contemporaries before her, she would be willing to participate in one specific reality TV program.

She stated, “I would love to compete on Dancing on Ice while continuing to work on Emmerdale.” “For as long as I can, I want to remain in the soap opera. Despite my lack of skill on the ice, I would really like to learn how to skate.”

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