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Emmerdale theory: Dan Spencer exits as Noah Dingle turns killer as he returns to village

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EMMERDALE favourite Dan Spencer hasn’t had a big storyline recently on the ITV soap but a new theory by Express.co.uk suggests he could find himself on the wrong side of the troublemaker, Noah Dingle.

Dan, who is portrayed by Liam Fox, has recently been present in the background of Daisy Campbell’s character Amelia Spencer’s plotline on Emmerdale because he is worried about how fixated she has gotten on her body image. After Kate collapses at Home Farm in this week’s episodes of the ITV soap opera, he learns the full scope of what she has been doing to herself. However, as he becomes worried about the youngster, he could find himself going head-to-head with Noah (Jack Downham) as the young man might become obsessed with Amelia.

The conflict carries on in the upcoming episodes as Kim Tate (Claire King) and Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) exact revenge on the Spencers for Amelia’s (Bertie Brotherton) decision to drop Thomas Tate (after she fainted) while she was still conscious).

Dan doesn’t reveal they have listed his property for rent until he notices the sign outside, at which point he confronts Kim about it.
As it turns out, Gabby has already completed the task, Kim must bluff her way through the conversation by seeming to be aware of this development.
Kim notifies the Spencers they have two months to find new housing before new inhabitants come in once she agrees to the plans.Kim throws another surprise on Dan regarding his seemingly innocent niece Amelia as the Spencers rush to find a new house.

Kim stops Amelia in her tracks when she discovers her attempting to use Gabby’s visiting order to see Noah, something she has already done multiple times.

As they lead the child to her uncle, Kim and Gabby spill everything, and Dan is enraged with his niece for talking behind his back.

Additionally, he is upset that she was able to pass herself off as Gabby and that she doesn’t seem to care that she broke multiple laws in the process.

The mechanic is relieved when Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) swings around and offers him and Amelia a place to live as his issues intensify.

One problem appears to be resolved, but Amelia will soon be subject to Charity Dingle’s (Emma Atkins) anger when sheShe learns the reality.

Charity berates Amelia for seeing her son in jail, and she demands to hear every tiny detail to learn what they discussed.

What the owner of the tavern does not anticipate is learning that her son, who was originally given a three-month term, will soon be released from prison.

After being away for a few weeks, when he does return, he avoids Charity since she reported him to the police and he doesn’t want to be associated with her.

He will be happy to meet Amelia as she is the only one who wants to spend time with him as he sits and considers his options.He may start to concentrate on Amelia, though, as he did with Chloe Harris (Jessica Elland) in the past.

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