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Emmerdale theory: Gabby Thomas for unlikely romance with a Dingle character

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EMMERDALE’S troublesome Gabby Thomas has been taking a backseat from her love life in recent scenes on the ITV soap but a new theory by Express.co.uk suggests she will find romance with someone she has known for years.

Rosie Bentham’s character, Gabby, has been giving Emmerdale’s Kim Tate (Claire King) a run for her money while still attempting to raise her small boy. She has been left holding the baby after Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) departed the ITV serial, although both his family and her own have given her a lot of support. She may, however, begin to forget about the child’s father in following scenes as she becomes aware of her affections for another person.

Next week, when Gabby finds herself berating Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) for slumping her kid Thomas Tate (Bertie Brotherton) to the ground, the interpersonal drama begins.

The mother of one is confident she can begin to resume her life now that her son is home from the hospital and recuperating.

Since her mother, Bernice Blackstock (Samatha Giles), has resumed dating, she realizes she needs to move on from Jamie and begins to consider romantic relationships.

She says she’s prepared to meet someone, but this is where Samson Dingle, the one and only, may sweep her off her feet (Sam Hall).Despite years of cohabitation in the same community, Samson’s mother began to perceive him very differently.

The age gap between Gabby and Samson is a few years, but as they spend more time together, she may not notice it as much as she first anticipated.

Gabby has always pictured herself getting married to an older man who could support her and her family.

She may find herself interacting with Samson more as she spends more time with Thomas at Home Farm after his hospitalization.

This is due to the possibility that the child is filling in for work that Sam Dingle, his father (James Hooton), is meant to be undertaking at Home Farm.

Samson’s ability to interact so well with Gabby’s son would astound her, and she could ask him if he wants a drink while he assists her.

The single mother may discover that she has a lot more in common with the adolescent than she initially believed as they converse.

She might be astonished by Samson’s seeming maturity despite the fact that their age gap could be influencing her thoughts.

He might be interested in starting a relationship now that his efforts to win Amelia over have failed.

Samson could ask Gabby out for dinner because he liked spending time with her and felt like she could need some time away from her son.

The difficult character would concur, and for the first time in a very long time, it would appear like she was only going on the date because she was interested in him.

Samson might kiss Gabby after their date, knowing that she has the same feelings for him that she does.

Given that Samson is still enrolled in school and that Gabby is aware she won’t be able to take their relationship any further, here is where they might draw the line.

She could, however, keep going on dates with him and, for once, have some adult discourse while doing so.

Will Gabby resist the urge to leave the house and look for Samson or will she be content to wait for him to mature a little more?

self a more senior man? Rosie, the actress who plays Gabby on the program, acknowledged that she would want to see her character develop further in the future.

The soap actor stated: “I’m doing fine right now.

“I’m glad Gabby Thomas is doing well. I’m overjoyed with my job right now. When strangers approach me on the street and predict that I will replace Kim Tate, I respond, “Yes, I am!

I love being a little mini Kim Tate, so I hope she never leaves Home Farm, the actress told The Mirror.

But when she gets to know the Dingle family better thanks to Samson, will she decide to stay at the Wishing Well cottage?

Viewers of the program have been discussing who they believe the troublemaker might wind up dating on Twitter.

“If I’m being honest, #Emmerdale,” Tineshia Marie wrote, “I have always imagined Gabby and Jacob would eventually end up together.”
“I do miss the Liv and Gabby friendship with Jacob too. They were a beautiful three once upon a time,” the Danny Miller Fansite wrote.

I forgot Jacob had slept with Gabby and treated her like s**t too, said Freedom Littleseal.
Could there be another prospective suitor in Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant)?

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