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Emmerdale theory: Rhona Goskirk devastated as character exit rocks village on wedding day

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EMMERDALE favourite Rhona Goskirk is set to finally wed Marlon Dingle in next week’s episodes of the ITV soap. However, a new theory by suggests the day could be plagued with heartache as she asks another character to leave.

After Marlon (Mark Charnock), the love of Rhona’s life, had a stroke earlier this year on Emmerdale, she has been waiting months to marry him. The two have encountered many difficulties over the previous six months, but they have received tremendous support from grandmother Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson), who has occasionally been both a solace and a hindrance. Her more deceiving side, however, might land her in problems in upcoming ITV soap opera scenes, and as a result, she might wind up fleeing the hamlet. Marlon is shocked by a second stag party to commemorate his final few hours as a single man before he marries Rhona, and the drama starts. Following several successful PT treatments,

He tries to stand up for himself throughout his meetings with Kit (Thoren Ferguson). Unfortunately, he stumbles to the ground as his legs give way, and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) orders his companion to see the hospital for a checkup.

Marlon complies with the orders despite his reluctance, but he asks his companion not to call an ambulance so as not to disturb Rhona.The bride is unaware that her future husband is being taken to the hospital the night before their wedding as a result of this secrecy.

Marlon believes he will be discharged in a few hours, but the doctors inform him that he must stay in the hospital overnight.

The doctors explain that after doing various tests on him, his blood pressure appears to be abnormally high for some reason.

As the hours pass, Marlon becomes certain that he will arrive at the church on time the morning of the wedding, keeping Rhona in the dark.

Marlon suffers yet another setback when the medical staff informs him that they are unable to release him since his blood pressure has not decreased.

Paddy stays with him at the hospital and makes an effort to remain composed, but it is obvious that they are both just as anxious as one another.

Mary, who is now in the village, is fully aware of what is happening and is able to persuade her daughter that nothing is wrong at all.

Unfortunately, Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) is there to reassure the bride that Marlon will be at the church since she senses things aren’t going as planned.

Rhona might be incensed at her mother for so obviously lying to her face, but before she can react, Paddy shows up with Marlon in his wheelchair.

Marlon had hoped to be able to walk approach his wife on his wedding day, not zoom down the aisle, so this was not what he desired.

Rhona realizes at once that her prospective spouse has a significant problem, but he explains he can’t tell her what it is.carry on the ceremony.

Everyone in attendance is moved as the pair finally exchanges vows, something Marlon believed he would never do following his stroke.

Rhona may have something to say to her mother for lying to her, though, as the community celebrates the significant day.

Rhona might grab her mother aside as the party is getting started and tell her to leave because she is no longer welcome.

Rhona felt she would never be able to forgive her mother for not informing her that Marlon had been ill since she was so devastated to have been misled.

This might be Mary’s last act of assistance to her daughter after months of doing so as she ultimately leaves.

Since moving to the village, Rhona and Mary have patched up their relationship, but Mary might now find herself again at odds with her daughter.

Mary may never be heard from again because of the state of their relationship and the fact that it appears Rhona is happy with the family she has.

Marlon appears to be recovering, and the actor who plays him, Mark, has vowed that his character will get better following this blip.

It’s a mountain to climb, the actor said.

“For Marlon, I believe in especially, it’s reducing him down to his eyes, really, is how he communicates himself in the first few days and weeks,” says the author. “He’s such a mouthy character and physically expressive guy.”

The soap star told Express.co.uk and other media, “There’s also a tremendous sense of hope that things can only get better from where they are.”

“There is hope to be found in it, so ideally in addition to being upsetting and unpleasant for the characters, there is hope to be found in it as well.

Additionally, it will motivate people to reclaim their life, Mark continued.

Will his family, however, be able to deal with this novel chapter without Mary as she lives out the remainder of her days on her own?

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