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Emmerdale’s Jay Kontzle expecting third baby with wife Mimi as couple announce pregnancy

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The 30-year-old actor and his artist wife Mimi already have two children together, KaiBo, 6, and Zian, 4, and they are now expecting a third child, but it wasn’t planned. Emmerdale actor Jay Kontzle and his wife Mimi have revealed they are expecting again, although it has come as a bit of a shock. Jay will soon become a father for the third time. The ITV soap opera’s Billy Fletcher is portrayed by the 30-year-old singer-turned-actor, who got the role in 2018.

His followers will be ecstatic to hear of his great news, despite Jay’s admission that he was “sweating” when he learned the news, since he has proven to be popular with television fans. The actor, who is from Crewe, Cheshire, already lives with his artist wife and their children KaiBo, 6, and Zian, 4.He married Mimi in 2017. When sharing the good news, Jay told OK! that Mimi had told him while he was at the ITV soap opera on his lunch break, leaving him speechless and “sweating.”

He told the publication, “Mimi called me during my lunch break on set and told me.”

“I was enjoying my lunch outside when all of a sudden I felt hot and began to sweat profusely. I was a little surprised! He chuckled.

Before that, Mimi had requested a pregnancy test, to which I responded, “A pregnancy test? With the rising cost of living, that is a substantial sum of money.

“Then, while I was at work, she made the decision to ruin everything during lunch!

Since Mimi was so certain she wouldn’t have a baby, she gave away all of their baby gear a week before they learned “didn’t consider itIt would take place.

Mimi, 32, who is expecting in November, chuckled as she described how she called her husband to break the news to him.

She said: “You’re never going to guess what? I called him and told him. I’m expecting!” You’re not, he retorted. I responded, “I am!” “She seemed so laid-back, but here I was perspiring!” Jay threw in.

Mimi admitted that before Jay’s unexpected pregnancy, she had been making fun of him about having another child.

She said, “I’d been getting on Jay’s nerves for months, saying I desperately wanted another child, but his answer was always no. “I believe that made me desire another one more, primarily out of retaliation. However, it kind of backfired because I did became pregnant.

“I don’t usually have periods, but I was running late and I sensed something wasn’t right, so I took a test. I was surprised when the results were positive, but it’s a pleasant surprise and we know we’re blessed to be having a second kid. It’s a blessing, and we’re happy about it.

In honor of Mimi’s background, the couple wants to continue the family custom of giving their children Chinese names.

Despite not yet knowing the gender, Jay predicted that baby will have a Chinese name since both of our children had Chinese names.

It also has to do with meaning. KaiBo represents the concept of family, while Zian means serenity and waves.

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