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Former EastEnders stars coming to Glasgow for Agatha Christie thriller

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The King’s Theatre is welcoming three former EastEnders stars to Glasgow next year, as it hosts the Agatha Christie thriller, The Mousetrap.

From Monday, May 1 through Saturday, May 6, 2023, Todd Carty, Gwyneth Strong, and John Altman will perform at the Bath Street venue as part of a UK tour honoring the 70th anniversary of the genre-defining play.

Mark Fowler, a character that Todd Carty played on EastEnders and other TV shows including The Bill, is one of his most well-known roles. While Gwyneth Strong (Only Fools and Horses, EastEnders) and John Altman (EastEnders) play Mrs. Boyle and Mr. Paravicini, respectively, Todd plays Major Metcalf.

They are joined by Mollie Ralston (Joelle Dyson, Dreamgirls, Funny Girl), Giles Ralston (Laurence Pears, Magic Goes Wrong), Christopher Wren (Elliot Clay, The Mousetrap in London), Miss Casewell (Essie Barrow, The Mousetrap in London), and Detective Sgt. Trotter (Joel Reed, The Nobodies).

The Mousetrap, which debuted in the West End in 1952 at the St. Martin’s Theatre, is the longest play in history. Performances were halted because to the pandemic in March 2020. Over 10 million tickets have been sold for the production, which has been presented at St Martin’s nearly 30,000 times.

The drama, which is renowned for its intricate narrative with unexpected turns, centers on a group of seven strangers who wind up snowed in at a remote rural inn called Monskwell Manor while word of a murder in London spreads through the neighborhood. The guests learn to their shock that a killer is present when a police sergeant shows up. The dubious personalities each divulge their shady pasts one at a time. Which individual is the killer? Who will be their upcoming pawn?

Adam Spiegel and Sir Stephen Waley-Cohen are responsible for producing The Mousetrap, while Ian Talbot OBE is the director.

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