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Home and Away Spoilers – Justin and Lyrik celebrate a new milestone

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Justin (James Stewart) has been the band’s biggest fan since since Theo’s (Matt Evans) successful audition to become Lyrik’s lead singer, and last week saw the ideal opportunity for him to endear himself when he offered to buy them a new touring van.

Remi’s (Adam Rowland) search to locate a successor for ex-member Bob (Rob Mallett) ended in tragedy when he and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) ended up getting tricked and confined in a shed overnight.

The band was in serious financial trouble after having to postpone all but their scheduled performances at Salt; nevertheless, Justin had another idea.

He then went on to tell Theo and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) that he was gifting them a vehicle, on the condition that it displays the garage name on the side in a sponsorship arrangement. He did this by asking Leah (Ada Nicodemou) if he could use some of their combined savings for “promotion” for the garage.


Leah was less than impressed when she learned about Justin’s latest endeavor and pointed out that he was only trying to pursue his own goals of being in a band through Theo, while Theo and Kirby were overjoyed with the development.

Next week as the action resumes, Leah continues to warn Justin about his tendency to become overly emotionally involved. When she later discovers him playing his guitar longingly, Justin acknowledges that he may have gone too far.

He continues by saying that because he spent a long time in witness protection, he was unable to fulfill his own aspirations. Leah accepts his justification and permits him to proceed with the van purchase.

Later that week, Theo, Kirby, Remi, and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) are discussing their financial situation in a band meeting when Justin arrives in their new van and honks the horn.

The band is overjoyed and invites Justin to celebrate with them in the backyard, which is fortunate since he also brought a crate of alcohol.

Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), Tane (Ethan Browne), and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), who were invited to the gathering and brought a mountain of pizza from Salt, turn it into an unplanned party.

Shane Withington, Lyrik’s new neighbor, peeks his head over the gate

to see what all the fuss is about, but he steadfastly declines Eden’s invitation to join them.

When Leah arrives and sees Justin playing with the band, she is moved to tears.

Even if it’s just in the backyard, he’s finally experiencing something from his fantasy.

However, the others are unaware that sparks are flying inside the house.

Theo and Kirby’s tension has only increased since their first kiss,

and despite assuring Eden and Remi that they wouldn’t pursue things further,

the two slip into the kitchen and start kissing again right away.

The two sneak back to Theo’s empty home where they enjoy a passionate night together knowing that Leah and Justin are going to Salt for the evening.

The following morning, when Leah and Justin unexpectedly returned early from Buddy’s morning stroll (the scamp stole someone’s breakfast at the dog park! ), and Remi went looking for the vehicle keys, Kirby fled out the back door while still in his pajamas to escape being seen.

While on her walk-of-shame, Kirby is caught up by Theo as she says that while last night was enjoyable, it can’t happen again.

She is overly attached to the band.

Theo turns to the thing that first brought them together

—music—when numerous attempts to change her mind are unsuccessful.

Eden can’t help but be mesmerized as Theo approaches her across the garden.

Will she succumb to his seduction?

Roo (Georgie Parker) succeeds elsewhere in Summer Bay after expanding her advertising campaign beyond the diner noticeboard.

After deciding to advertise her personal tutoring services, Roo’s diner poster wasn’t bringing in much business. Marilyn (Emily Symons), in an attempt to boost Roo’s confidence, made the mistake of secretly removing numbers from the poster herself, but this only made Roo feel embarrassed after Marilyn admitted what she had done.

However, Marilyn was able to save face by advising Roo to contact the Uni and TAFE as well as advertise in the neighborhood daily The Coastal News. Soon, Roo had a prospective student lined up.

This week, after setting herself up at the diner (of all places! ), Roo meets Ali, a mature student studying nursing, who becomes her first customer. From a distance, Marilyn and Irene (Lynne McGranger) can see that Roo is clearly in her element.

Later on in the week, Roo runs into Heather Frazer (Sofia Nolan), a second student who is struggling to finish her application for a law degree.

Roo pays close attention as Heather discusses the highly emotional reasons she chose to pursue a career in law. According to Heather, she formerly worked as a housekeeper and had an affair with her male boss. Heather continued to live with the family after learning she was pregnant because she did not want the scandal to become public.

Heather thought the man would eventually leave his wife for her, but instead, the couple coerced Heather into giving them custody of her child before evicting her.

Heather now aspires to be a lawyer in order to aid mothers in finding their abducted children. When Roo calls Marilyn over to get more drinks, Heather becomes sidetracked despite Roo’s assurances that she will do everything in her power to assist.

Hearing Marilyn’s name piques Heather’s attention, and when Marilyn departs the diner after engaging in some small chat,

Heather sneakily snaps a picture of her. What does she do?

Cash cannot find the solutions he requires. Through Theo, Justin realizes his aspirations. Roo regains her mojo.

Rose punches her shame away. Dean is a surprising ally for Tane. Is Felicity really the more powerful sibling?

Justin finds a transportation solution for Lyrik. Kirby and Theo succumb to temptation. Tane might lose the gym. Nikau is a romantic.


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