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Horoscopes: Your horoscope for August from astrologer Russell Grant – what’s in the stars?

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AT THE start of this new month, astrologer Russell Grant has shared your horoscope. What can you expect in August?

On January 1, go after an unexpected opportunity to make money; this is a great chance to create long-term financial security. Beginning on the third, finding ways to work more effectively rather than harder will become a trend. Eliminating time-wasting tasks will increase your value in the job market.

Avoid family disputes like the plague on August 8; when a relative irritates you. The full moon on November 11th causes conflict in your social network; pay attention to a friend’s financial struggles. The fourteenth offers a thrilling chance to advance professionally or socially, to apply for a prestigious position, or to attend a sizable party.

It feels great to reject the expectations of the general public, and you’re prepared to surprise everyone on January 1 with a daring move. On the seventh, wonderful news about a wish being granted arrives; it’s time to celebrate with encouraging friends. On the eighth, a leisure trip could be canceled or delayed; see at this setback as a blessing in disguise.

An unsettled career matter is resolved by the Full Moon on the 11th; bigger and better things are on the horizon. On the 17th, accept the assistance of a kind relative who offers to assist you in paving a more fruitful route. You can dedicate more time to creative activities as of the 22nd.

You’ll start devoting more time, money, and effort to household issues on the third. On the seventh, a fantastic career opportunity in the arts will present itself. A legal dispute comes to an unsatisfactory conclusion on the 11th due to the Full Moon. Instead of wallowing in this failure, create a new course.

You are excited about a covert art project on the sixteenth. Beginning on the 19th, you’ll feel compelled to make major changes in your personal life, such as altering your appearance, getting a new career, starting a spiritual practice, or moving to a different country. Consider your family’s reaction to a job plan realistically before the 20th.

On the second, friendship might develop into romance if you so want. The chance to take the vacation you’ve always wanted comes on the seventh; seize it. On the eighth, ignore a domineering opponent; on this stressful day, it’s crucial to remain true to yourself.

You have a ton of fantastic money-making ideas that can help you pay this unexpected bill that the Full Moon on the 11th brings. On the 14th, collaborating with a loved one or business colleague will help you get closer to a long-term objective. On the 17th, you have a great professional opportunity that will be both monetarily and creatively rewarding.

You stand out from the pack on the first thanks to your audacious professional attitude; go big or go home. On the seventh, don’t let a controlling love or business partner snuff out your passion because it will lead to a happier life with or without them. On the 11th, the Full Moon forces you to choose between your personal and professional satisfaction as an uneasy union reaches its breaking point. On the 14th, avoid ceding your authority to a tyrant.

On the 17th, a wonderful opportunity to travel presents itself; seize it with gratitude. Your capacity to draw amazing money-making chances will considerably increase beginning on the 22nd.

On January 1, put all of your effort into a romantic relationship or artistic endeavor that gets your heart racing. Being impulsive will greatly benefit you. Take advantage of the high demand for your expertise that will begin on the third by giving speeches, growing your clientele, and promoting your work.

If you want it to, friendship could develop into romance on the seventh. The Full Moon on the 11th gives you extra time for leisure by ending a demanding job assignment. Don’t be concerned about losing a source of money that was inconvenient and ineffective. On the 22nd, your star power will be showcased.

On the seventh, you’ll attract attention everywhere you go; this is a terrific time to attend a significant social event. Take time out of your busy schedule on August 8 to have a meaningful conversation with a family member who dislikes how much time you spend on your public persona. The Full Moon on the 11th delivers a difficult finale to a creative endeavor.

It was impossible to do your work justice due to a lack of resources; put your work on hold so you can return to it later. On the 17th, your closest friend, your love interest, or a coworker helps you realize a long-held dream; cooperation makes the fantasy a reality.

On the first, a passionate amorous meeting leaves you speechless. On the second, allow your closest friend, significant other, or coworker to introduce you to a hobby, eatery, book, or movie. On the seventh, take a special someone to a remote getaway. On the eighth, don’t talk about personal concerns with anyone but your closest pals.

It’s time to leave a controlling relationship behind as the Full Moon on November 11 signals the conclusion of a regrettable marital matter. On the 14th, a devoted admirer will approach you romantically. A professional presentation, a job interview, or a raise request are all ideal on the 17th.

Beginning on the third, professional presentations, job interviews, and career negotiations will go really smoothly. The seventh is a great day to find a new home if you’re looking to move. A disappointing piece of work-related news will be revealed by the full moon on the 11th; finding a new employment will help with stress-related health issues.

On the fourteenth, a long-term job assignment increases your financial power. The 17th will bring you a passionate encounter that will make your eyes glitter. On the 19th, you’ll feel motivated to pursue a potential business or romantic relationship. On the 22nd, your professional standing begins to rise.

On the seventh, you are reluctant to take risks due to financial constraints; yet, you should proceed boldly regardless of your financial situation. Do your best on the eighth to support a loved one who is experiencing emotional sensitivity.

After a tough assignment is finished on the 11th, you will have extra time for your favorite activities. On the 14th, especially if you are feeling apprehensive, be open to accepting love, affection, and presents. On the 17th, money becomes accessible for a down payment, enabling you to acquire a home, a car, or another important item. About the 22nd, you have a good chance to share your knowledge on a beautiful trip that you should take.

On the first, an opportunity to move to a fascinating region of the world presents itself; be prepared to make a quick decision. On the seventh, support an impetuous relative, even if you believe they are acting irresponsibly. Their requirements differ from yours. On November 11, ask a kind love or professional partner for aid with a financial situation. The Full Moon is pressing you to get the support you deserve. On February 14th, let go of your opposition to a romantic proposition; you won’t regret it.
On the 17th, you’ll receive a flirty message, a kind present, or both from a crush. On the 19th, get started on a daring creative endeavor. It will be a terrific release for you.

Starting on the third, working with a romantic or professional partner will keep you awake and delightfully productive. The seventh promises to be a fantastic day when a man shows you love. This lovely day will also be very successful for creative endeavors. On the 11th, a stunning secret will be made public, frightening everyone in the neighborhood; the Full Moon sheds light on someone’s nefarious intentions.

Set your sights on the 17th, when you can get paid what you are worth, if you desire a raise or to boost your rates. On the 20th, don’t count on your romantic partner or best friend to understand what’s on your mind.

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