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How did Jags Panesar die in EastEnders? Prison murder revisited

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The character met a brutal end last year.

This article includes spoilers for the upcoming television episodes of the BBC iPlayer boxset of EastEnders.

This week, EastEnders addressed the fate of a former character when Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), who had been struggling with guilt over the death of Jags Panesar (Amar Adatia), finally broke down and made a shocking admission.

Ben made his choice during a difficult period in his life after being sexually assaulted by Lewis Butler (Aidan O’Callaghan). Kheerat Panesar, Ben’s friend and business partner (Jaz Deol), went above and above to accompany Ben on a trip to the sexual health clinic, where Ben received the all-clear following an HIV test.

But when Kheerat repeatedly expressed his gratitude for Ben’s assistance following Jags’ passing, Ben reached a new low and started using drugs before blaming himself for the catastrophe.

After actor Adatia quit the role in 2020, it had been more than a year since the news that Jags had been killed broke. Therefore, you might need a refresher on what actually happened to the character. RadioTimes.com has a guide on all you need to know because this plot is being exploded by more than one secret.

How did Jags Panesar die in EastEnders?

Although Ben may be the one making the confession, the brutal mother of Jags, Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal), is the true culprit in this terrifying tale. Gentle Jags was present when her other son Vinny (Shiv Jalota) attacked Martin Fowler (James Bye) in the Minute Mart, and while he attempted to do the right thing and call for assistance, his pants became stained with Martin’s blood.

Suki just learned that Jags was having an illicit relationship with Habiba Ahmed (Rukku Nahar), and she vehemently disagreed. Suki denounced Jags to the police and even gave them the implicating apparel in an effort to teach him a lesson. As soon as he was detained and charged, Habiba was inconsolable because she knew in her heart that he was innocent. Habiba went.

The unfortunate man had been sent down in Vinny’s place, and it was soon made clear that Albert Square was expecting Jags’ child.

Several months later, Kheerat and Ben started a business and jointly took over The Arches. Thanks to his Mitchell connections, Ben pledged to make sure that the weak Jags, who had already been attacked, would be kept secure in prison. Ben accepted Kheerat’s generous offer in exchange, but he canceled the protection when he saw Kheerat getting cozy with Ben’s former stepmother Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean).

Soon after, Jags was murdered in a prison. Ben confided in his husband Callum Highway (Tony Clay), who encouraged him not to place the blame on Jags because Jags shouldn’t have caused the Panesars’ disarray.have initially been incarcerated. Ben, however, was unable to conceal the information and informed Jags’ loved ones of everything.

What happened after Ben’s big confession?

Kheerat was enraged with hatred and responded aggressively as Ben revealed his part in the innocent man’s death. Ben’s sister Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) even urged Kheerat to finish the job as he started to squeeze out his life. Vinny, who continued to hold himself responsible for Jags’ predicament, yelled at his brother to stop. Suki was horrified and, in an effort to stop Kheerat from turning a killer, she acknowledged that she was to blame for Jags’ death.

Ben moved away from Kheerat while he processed this knowledge, and the rest of the clan was still reeling from this most recent disclosure. While the Panesars listened to their mother’s explanation, Ash was recruited by Kheerat’s lover Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) to help her take Ben home.

When it was out that the police weren’t even looking for Vinny at the time of Jags’ arrest, Suki’s choice to set him up had only been made to punish him, the terrible betrayal only got worse.

Kheerat acknowledged that he believed Suki when she said that her three children were everything to her. However, he pointed out that there had previously been four of them, and she had been hasty to blame Jags, who would never get to watch his child become an adult. With that, Suki’s remaining children turned away from her, revealing the real truth about Jags’ good heart.

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